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Top 5 Awesome Gifts for Work-at-Home Moms: Practical Indulgence for the WAHM

best holiday gifts for work at home moms

I know. I’ve done a gift guide and it has a section dedicated to gifts for mom entrepreneurs. But I also wanted to share 5 indulgent but amazing gift ideas for that work-at-home mom in your life. And yes, it is perfectly fine to gift yourself. I will. **laughing**

So, here are my 5 top picks for indulgent but practical gifts for the WAHM:

 1. Luxurious Pajamas

Yeah, I’m all for working and dressing smartly, but let’s face it there are days when we want to be in our pajamas. So, why not have something luxurious and indulgent like, the Serenella Pajamas from Frette.  In any case, soft, silky pajamas are my definition of sexy work wear! By the way, Frette also has the most divine bed and bath linen, should you want to add some of that in too.

 2. An Organized Year

Now if you give this gift to a work-at-home mom, you can be sure you’ll be her best friend forever. Seriously, a planned and organized year? Practical and indulgent, right? Here’s how to make this gift ‘happen’. Gift her an Organized Year Gift Basket. That’s right. Here’s what to put in it:

Need more ideas? Download my free productivity toolkit that shares 7 cools tools I use to increase my productivity as a mom entrepreneur.

 3. A Paper Clutter-Free Home Office

Whether we have a dedicated workspace or work out of our dining rooms, we WAHMs would give anything for a clutter-free home office. Gift  a mom entrepreneur this gift and you’d have won her eternal gratitude.  I’d start with a subscription to Shoeboxed. It is our go-to service for ALL paper work filing and organization. Business cards, receipts, school papers even. Yep. It is a great way to cut paper clutter. Perfect gift, right?

 4. Gorgeousness for the Home Office

Again, whether we have a home office or a dining room doing double duty, we’d like it to look pretty. Some personalized wall art such as gorgeous, framed quote from Red Letter Words  or these lovely alphabet art from Mango Ink {both these are definitely on my wish list!} will add a touch of class and personality to a WAHM’s workspace.

5. Business Development Help

Finally, if you really want to support a work-at-home mom, show her that you care about her business. Some ways to do this:

  1. Sign her up for a coaching session with any GOOD business coach relevant to her niche and industry.
  2. Enroll her in a dedicated business course or mastermind group to fulfill a specific need, such as business blogging, social media, launch strategy or SEO.
  3. Hire help for her. Whether it is a mother’s helper to watch her kids while she gets in some work or a designer to help her create a gorgeous business website, helping her with help is a great way to give wings to her business dreams.

So, do YOU have a WAHM on your gift list? What gifts for work-at-home moms do YOU recommend?

Photo Credit: Pixabay 

This is a sponsored post but all opinions and ideas are 100% mine, but you’d know that, right? **smiling**



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