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Brighten Up Your Home Office with Classy Glass Photos

home office decorating tipIf you know me, you know I’m a sucker for unusual photo prints. We have a pencil sketch-style photo of our family, a Gallery Glass print from Lifephoto and now, a gorgeous glass photo from the folks at Fracture.

 Photos Brighten Up Décor Instantly

Again, if you’ve been reading The Mom Writes for a while, you know I’m a mom entrepreneur whose dining room does double duty as an office. Yep. It does. Any way, so when this lovely glass photo of our family arrived, the natural place for it was the wall opposite the dining table and above my desk.

Why? So that I could look at the most important thing in my life, each time I lifted my eyes from the laptop screen. Not to forget that it just brightened up the plain white wall instantly. Love it!

A Glass Photo Adds Class without the Cost

If you’re thinking that a glass photo with its chic looks and rich colors costs a bomb, you can pause that thought right there. The folks at Fracture can take your digital photos and print them directly on glass for as little as $10! I know! Cheap and chic. My favorite way to decorate!

Plus you can choose between standing photos if you want it for your home office desk or go for a wall mount like, yours truly.

I’ll be doing a bit of redecorating for my home office workspace in the New Year {stay tuned for photos and updates!} but you can be sure that my gorgeous glass photo isn’t going anywhere.

What does your home office workspace look like? What is the one thing that adds that dash of brighteness and color to your work-at-home space? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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