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How to Get More Time in the Day as a Work-at-Home Mom

get more hours in the day

The number one item on every work-at-home mom’s wish list this holiday season will probably be “get more time”.  Yes, we all want to get more hours in the day as we juggle work, home, family, and social commitments.

While we all know that we have the same 24 hours in the day, there are ways of expanding those hours and making them count.

Here are some simple yet effective ways in which I have been able to  get ‘more time’ as a work-at-home mom:

 1. Deal with Correspondence Twice a Day

Whether it is phone calls, emails, text messages or notes, assign two time slots to it and then stick to those. Whenever I do this, I instantly get more time added to my day. I say, “whenever” because I often forget the importance of setting time slots for correspondence. Yes, I do. However, I quickly notice how checking email frequently eats up my time as does replying to messages and get back to my set time slots routine.

Mini Challenge: Try it for ONE day and see if it makes a difference to how much time you have. Turn off email and message sound notifications and check your phone or laptop just twice in the day.

 2. Skip or Drop Activities That Don’t Enrich, Enlighten or Empower You

I stopped listening to the news or reading the newspaper nearly 18 months ago and I don’t miss it. At all. I save nearly an hour every day by doing this and trust me, I get all the news I need from people around me. I don’t need to know how depressing or criminal or violent the world around me is. I’d rather spend my time learning, having fun, getting healthier or simply, relaxing.

 Mini Challenge: Choose ONE activity that doesn’t leave you feeling energized, excited, entertained and that you can easily drop from your routine.

 3.Use Waiting Time for Easy Work Activities

Time in the car, time in the waiting room, time in a queue are all possible, open windows for you to use for easy work-related activities, such as your designated time slot for replying to email or returning phone calls. I use it for catching up on business reading on my Kindle. It keeps me entertained and educated about trends and information that matters to me.

Mini Challenge: Find ONE thing that you can do when waiting for kids, the doctor or just about anyone else.

 4.Set Deadlines As Much As Possible

I don’t know about you, but for me, the thrill of a deadline hanging over my head makes me work faster and better. I set deadlines for even the posts I need to write for this site and not only for client work. Not only that, I like to set a timer so that I just focus on writing and don’t waffle on research or faff around on Facebook. It is an instant productivity booster and an easy way to get more time in your day.

Mini Challenge: Set a deadline for ONE activity today and see if it makes you go faster and work better.

 5.Find Out Where Your Time Goes

Finally, you need to know where your time goes. What do you spend a major chunk of your day on? What are the small activities that take up a lot of time? Doing this will help you identify what needs to be delegated or dropped as well as what needs a better system of working. You’ll be able to set up systems for the holidays and thereafter, to help boost productivity and help you get more time.

For instance, when I noticed that sweeping and mopping the house everyday took a large amount of time that I could easily spend with my daughter or on business, I knew it was time to hire help and outsource this. I also decided to set working hours, curb distractions and basically, make my work time count.

Amy Lynn Andrews in her fabulous eBook Tell Your Time has cool printables {as well as amazing tips} to help you identify activities, roles and plan a schedule that works for YOU.

Mini Challenge: Keep a time tracker either on a sheet of paper or online using a tool like, Rescue Time to track your time and see what activities can be dropped or delegated.

To get more time as work-at-home moms, we need the right plan in place. Try the mini challenges and keep me posted with how it goes. One a day and in 5 days, you’ll have more time and hours in the day to help you kick ass this holiday season as a mom, entrepreneur and homemaker.

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 How do YOU plan to get more time in the day as a busy mom entrepreneur during the holidays?

 Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/Free Digital Photos


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  1. After reading your post, I realized how simple these things are, but they are often overlooked. I use Time Doctor for keeping track of my time. So far, it’s been working great for me. Whenever I browse a non-work related site (hello, Pinterest!), the application launches a pop up window on my screen asking if I’m been working on my project or not. Oh, and I stopped watching the news a long time ago too. Can’t deal with all the depressing news out there. I don’t feel like I’m missing much–just like you said, people will fill you in on all horrid details anyway.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Ces, thanks so much for sharing.. I’ll check out Time Doctor as well.. It seems perfect for Pinterest addicts {read, me!} LOL!

  2. Superb post!! Especially for people like me who wonder where the day went :-)

  3. Your idea about scheduling time to answer emails is so simple, yet brilliant. I ALWAYS end up sidetracked when I sit down to answer email, so I end up doing a million other things and not what I intended, thus spending even more time at the computer. Hopefully I can try to implement this…

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi there! Glad you liked the tips.. And yes, scheduling time works wonders.. I can totally relate to the ‘getting sidetracked’ experience.. Been there, done that..LOL! Do keep me posted on if you’re able to use this tip!

  4. Great tips. I follow almost all of these and really really want to outsource the housework. Hopefully soon! Such a waste of quality time for me

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks, Caz! Glad to hear we’re in the same boat:) Hope you can outsource some housework too.. You’ll LOVE the freedom it brings! :)

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