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Awesome Ways We Can Build Your Blog or Business Together in 2013

build your business and blog in 2013

With 2013 just around the corner, so many of you are gearing up to build your business or blog and take it to the next level, it is amazing.

Judging by the emails I’m receiving asking me about how I can help them and what services I offer, I’d say, pretty much everyone is looking to rock 2013 as a work-at-home mom and entrepreneur. Yay!

So, after answering nearly 55 {yes, 55!} emails on pretty much the same topics this last week, I decided it was time to write a full post on how we can partner together to boost and  build your business or blog in 2013:

 1. One-on-One Coaching

If you’ve been wanting to leverage your blog and earn an income from it or put the ‘wow’ factor into your work-at-home life, I can work with you on a one-to-one basis via Skype or Facetime, identify challenges and their solutions and create a roadmap for success as a work-at-home mom or business blogger.

 Why Choose This

  •  If your business goal in 2013 is to create a strategy that will work for YOU as a blogger or entrepreneur, find and fix challenges and make money as a mom entrepreneur.
  •  If your goal is to strike a balance between the business and your home and not neglect one at the cost of the other, we should talk.
  •  If your goal is to learn how to best use your resources and not bust the bank while growing your business, I can help!

What Type of Coaching Do I Need?

So, I currently offer 3 types of coaching:

1. Work-at-Home Mom Coaching and Consults to help you be more productive , organized and of course, profitable as a mom entrepreneur. It isn’t easy being a WAHM but I can help you streamline, set up systems that work and in the process retain your sanity!

2. Blog Coaching and Critiques to help you take your blog to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner blogger looking for direction or a seasoned one wanting to grow your blog, I can help you drawing from over 5 years of experience as a business blogger.

3. Small Business Social Media Coaching to empower you to leverage online media marketing and boost your business, grow your sales and expand your network.

All coaching sessions are personalized to your needs and include:

  • a pre-session questionnaire that will help me identify your needs and create a session that will give you maximum value,
  • a 60-minute one-on-one coaching session via Skype/Facetime,
  • a .PDF download outlining EVERYTHING that we discuss on the call, plus any additional things that I think of after we’re done
  • An accountability check-in email after 2 weeks of our session to assess your progress, answer any additional, related questions and motivate you to stay on track.

Coaching sessions start at $99 for a single session.

Ready? Click here to fill out the intake form and book a spot,  and wait for an email from me with more details.

2. Advertising on The Mom Writes

media sheet

If you have a small business, boutique, online store or offer services, you probably know that advertising is key to get your brand out there. In my post on building a business on a budget, I’d mentioned how advertising does NOT have to break the bank. That is why I’m offering a 33% Special on our already affordable advertising and brand-building packages.

Why  Choose This

  • If your goal is to boost brand visibility and reach a target audience of moms and parents, this is your pick.
  • If your business goal is to boost search engine rankings, a backlink or two from a PR 3 site always helps.
  • If your goal is to increase your brand’s presence on Twitter and Facebook AND reach an engaged audience of moms, women, professionals and other bloggers, you need this.

What the options include:

3-Month 125×125 Advertising Package Costs $179 $120

  •   You get a 125×125 banner ad in the sidebar of The Mom Writes.
  • The ad will run for 3 months in groups of 6. So, your ad along with 5 other ads will feature in the sidebar for 3 months
  • You have the option of changing your ad graphics every month.

There are 4 spots available for EVERY quarter.

Quarters Available:

  • January 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013
  • April 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013
  • July 1, 2013 through September 30, 2013
  • October 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013

Sponsored Posts Package Costs $199 $133 per post

  • Posts will be 400-500 words of content relevant to your business/niche/industry and in keeping with The Mom Writes editorial guidelines and policies.
  • Two links back to your website.
  • Includes logo image or graphic as well.
  • Posts will be up on the site forever, giving your website SEO juice constantly.

 There are 12 spots available for the year. Only ONE for EVERY month.

Social Media Outreach Package Costs $199 $133

Reach an engaged audience of over 6,000+  women, moms, professionals, entrepreneurs and home managers worldwide on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

  •  1 FB post in a week with a link and/or photo of your product or business.
  • 1 Tweet in a week
  • 1 Pin in a week

Each post will include a link back to your website/blog along with your business social media profile name.

There are 12 spots available for the year. Only ONE business for EVERY month.

Ready? Click here to Book Your Spot Now! 

Sponsored eBooks

This is the only option not in the form because of varying costs for sponsorship. The Mom Writes’ publishes free eBooks regularly through the year. These eBooks are HUGELY popular with downloads in tens of thousands. Sponsoring these eBooks gives your business a MASSIVE boost in exposure, traffic and eventually, sales.

The next FREE eBook is due for launch in February 2013 and will be based around organizing and decluttering.

If you’re a business that is in the home/organizing industry, contact me at prerna(at)themomwrites(dot)com for sponsorship details. 

Want to buy more than one package or need a package customized to suit your needs? Or have any other questions regarding partnering? Email me at prerna(at)themomwrites(dot)com. 

 3. Done-for-You Social Media and Content Solutions

Most of you who know me know that I also co-own and manage Social Media Direct, our digital agency where we partner with small business owners and basically, take the stress of managing social media, newsletters and business blogs off their hands. Yes, we do it ALL.

Whether it is creating a community on Twitter or building visibility on Facebook or sharing engaging and optimized content on your blog or creating an eBook for your business, we do it all and then some.

Why Choose This:

  • If your goal in 2013 is to spend MORE time doing what you love and specialize in and outsourcing the rest, this is what you should choose.
  •  If you want to focus on building an engaged and thriving community of customers and readers without spending endless hours on Twitter or Pinterest, let’s make it happen.
  • If your goal is to get your business blog to bring results – traffic, new customers and money, but don’t want to waste your precious time learning SEO and content creation and optimization.

What It Includes

1. Blog Post Writing – Have a blog but need the content? I’ll be happy to write search engine optimized posts for you that are engaging, relevant and original. I can also help you with uploading the posts, tagging them appropriately, finding and adding photos and moderating comments.

2. Website Copywriting – I can craft tightly focused, optimized content for your business website. About Pages, product descriptions, standalone pages, I can offer you content that resonates with your branding.

3. Newsletter, Press Release and Autoresponder Writing – Newsletters and autoresponders are great tools to connect with your audience and engage with them further. Press releases are great to get your business in front of the media AND generate some valuable backlinks to your sites.

Get me to write these for you to answer customer queries, share new products and build your business.

4. eBook Writing – As the author of 5 published eBooks and many more in the pipeline, I am experienced in not only writing eBooks that resonate with readers but also editing and formatting them for easy readability.

Contact me at prerna(at)themomwrites(dot)com for a quote for your project. 

So, you see, regardless of where you are in your journey as a work-at-home mom, chances are we can work to create your success… together.

How will YOU be building your blog or business in 2013? Share with me in the comments!

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