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How We Home School Our Private Schooled Child

Ever since I started writing and blogging online, I was drawn to the world of home schooling. Inspired by bloggers like Jessica Fisher of Life as Mom, Mandi Ehman of Life Your Way and Angela England of Untrained Housewife, I was curious about homeschooling and how it worked.

However, being in India, meant that home schooling wouldn’t be viable because there are no examination systems in place for a homeschooled child neither are there defined curricula as is the case in the U.S.

So, we, my husband and I, decided to walk the middle ground.

Now I know that this isn’t really home schooling per se, but then this post by  Megan over at Simple Mom, encouraged me to share how we do spend time learning at home despite the fact that our daughter goes to a private school here in India.

Again, this may not be for everyone, I’m just sharing my experience:

Supporting Class Room Learning

We try and support our daughter’s classroom learning by reinforcing what she learns through activities and practice at home. Each month, she gets a circular outlining everything that would be covered in class, including the general theme of the month, as well as letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Based on that we create a schedule and routine of activities.

 Creating a Schedule and Routine of Activities

As you can see, the schedule isn’t rigid and includes a lot of flexibility as well as free space for us to fill in as we go along. For instance, we have 3 days of writing practice but there are times when on those days our daughter just doesn’t want to practice writing but is very happy reinforcing her letters and numbers on activity sheets, so we do that. The schedule and routine is just to give structure to her learning and her day, since we, as a family, benefit hugely from it.

Our list of activities include both unstructured free play activities (as described below), as well as more structured ones. I download a LOT of printables and ideas from homeschooling blogs that share freely and generously. 

You can download the activity planner you see in the photo above here.. It’s FREE!

Some of my current favorites include Confessions of a Homeschooler,   Simple Homeschool, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam as well as some of my older online haunts, I Can Teach My Child and No Time for Flash Cards.

 Reading and More Reading

We started reading to our daughter when she was probably less than 6 months. Today, she is a more voracious ‘reader’ than I. **laughing**. Seriously, the girl brings me a book every day and follows up the request for ‘one book’ with at least a couple more.

I love it.

Reading is  a great way to encourage vocabulary building, develop imagination and nurture creativity.  Plus, it is a chance to cover learning of other fields as well.

For instance, reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle helped her learn not just about days of the week and numbers but most importantly, the evolution of butterfly from a caterpillar. So, with one book, we covered language, science, numbers and more!

  Encouraging Learning in Everyday Activities

Besides this flexibly structured learning , we also have plenty of unstructured learning going on in everyday activities.

She plays tennis that helps build her hand-eye coordination while of course, strengthening her muscles and teaching her values that only sports can.

We bake together where she learns about food and measurements besides having a lot of fun.

We play board games which keep her engaged while reinforcing math, and language skills while also, strengthening her memory. Our favorites at this time for learning and fun include Tumblin’ Monkeys, Hungry Hippos, Memory {we have this Toy Story version} and Junior Scrabble.

She helps out with watering the plants in our little balcony garden and learns about how they grow and what they ‘eat’ from my husband.

Putting out the laundry is one of our favorite mom-daughter activities and she practices her numbers while hanging the clothes and we talk about colors and fabric.

She visits the ATM and bank with us to learn about recognizing money and practice saving.

She gets to practice writing her name each time we use our credit card and she ‘signs’ the customer copy of the receipt.

So, yes, we don’t home school our daughter, so to speak, but then, Jennifer sums it up quite accurately when she writes , Honestly, I believe that every mom out there is a home school mom.”

Are you a private school or public school mom? How do YOU supplement your child’s learning at home?


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  1. For us in India…finding mid ways is the best! I loved her new schedule :-)

  2. I totally agree with you Prerna. I have often wondered whether homeschooling is a choice for us but my daughter enjoys her school so much that I have found no reason to take her out. But the methods you have described here to compliment learning at school make lot of sense. She is a bit of a free spirit and as she grows I think conventional education system might be a burden for her so in a few years I might find myself having this debate again. But for now this method looks doable.

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