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The WAH Mom Juggling Act: Tips to Help When The Going Gets Tough

Each day women everywhere have to endure the heartbreaking chore of dropping their children off at daycare while they head to a 9 to 5 in some office cubicle wishing they could be home with their children.

Of course, many women find working outside the home a rewarding experience but for others working from home is the only option that makes sense. That was definitely the decision for me.

However, even though WAHMs like you and I have the best of both worlds, it doesn’t mean that world is a dream world. Being a good mom, wife and business woman is a tough gig. In the best of times, when you are performing at your peak, it can be an awesome feeling. At the worst of times, it may have you questioning why you made the decision in the first place.

Here are a few WAHM tips that may help you when the going gets tough:

 Grab enough Zzzz

For mompreneurs it’s all too easy to pass on sleep in order to get things done. Balancing home life, family and money-making activities can be overwhelming and sleep may seem like that one non-essential activity that you can cut. I mean you’re not being productive right?

On the contrary, that may be the busiest time of your day. Get at least 8 hours of sleep to recharge and watch your energy and creativity soar. Soon, those 8 hours of sleep will become non-negotiable.

 Back away from the computer and get moving

True, chasing the kids around the house takes energy and endurance but it’s no substitute for a dedicated sweat session.

Devoting time to exercise will help you release pent up stress and will actually energize you, increasing blood flow and oxygen. This in turn will help you balance those dual roles as mom and business woman with enough energy left to be an outstanding wife too! Yay!

 Plan, prioritize and create a routine

Getting organized is an absolute must if you are successfully going to run a business from home and a family and remain sane.

It’s essential to plan out your day and prioritize what’s important. Once you identify what you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly, assign priority to each task so that you know what to tackle first and what—if need be—can be sacrificed when you are short on time.

Create a routine with your plan so you’ll easily be able to add new tasks without interrupting your schedule. Along those lines you can also identify ways to:

Share chores

While planning your schedule, also take the opportunity to delegate tasks that can easily be handled by someone else. Perhaps your husband can dry dishes while you wash. You’ll find that cleaning time will be cut in half.

Combine tasks

If I’m taking my son for a walk I’ll take out the trash on my way. Are there ways in which you can combine similar tasks throughout your day?

 Get smart, use your phone

Most smart phones have functions that can make a huge difference in making your life easier. Calendar apps, note-taking apps, even voice control can help you set appointments remind you of tasks and keep you in touch with customers more efficiently. Start employing those functions that are probably already built into your phone.

Note from Prerna: Here’s what I use my smartphone for!

Be selfish—sometimes

It should go without saying, but it seems like it needs to be said: Take some ‘me’ time already! Yes, to be a good mom, wife and mompreneur you need to be a little selfish and take care of yourself. If your needs are met you’ll be in a much better position to meet the needs of everyone else. 

Don’t be hard on yourself

Finally, take it easy on yourself. You can’t beat yourself up for what you perceive as your failures. Accept that there are always going to be WAHMs that seem to be able to successfully handle more than you but there are also those to whom you are an inspiration. Do the best that you can and allow yourself to feel good about that. In the end the only opinions that matter are those of your family and your clients.

How do YOU juggle the WAHM act, especially when the going gets tough? Tell us in the comments

About the Author: This is a guest post by Nicole Orozco, web stylist and owner of Sapphire Graphics. Connect with Nicole on Facebook and learn more about how she juggles being a WAHM and a web designer. 

Photo Credit: Ted Ollikkala


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  1. You are so on target! These tips are what make all the juggling keep the balls in the air. Its that famous saying, put your own oxygen mask on first! Thanks for sharing!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks Ellen. Love the reference to putting on the oxygen mask.. You’re right, moms need to take care of themselves in order to take care of others..

  2. Very well said. True, but it does take a lot of practice and patience.
    I’ve been searching for few content writing sites and came to your blog from google. What do you think of Squidoo? have you ever tried such content writing platforms?

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks Revathi. It does take time to create a lifestyle that suits the ever-changing needs of a WAHM:-) As far as Squidoo is concerned, I’m sorry, I have no experience with the site. I did write a LONG time ago at Hubpages but more from the point of creating backlinks than earning money. Sorry!

  3. Thank you Prerna! I am glad these WAHM tips are being found useful!

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