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How to Use Evernote Food to Get Recipes, Meal Plans and More Organized

Y’all know how much I adore Evernote, right? I’ve talked about how I use it to organize my blogging projects and keep my laptop clutter-free.

But now, I’m super-thrilled to discover that I can organize all my recipes and foodie finds on the Net as well via Evernote Food.

Here’s how you can get all your food-related info organized and streamlined easily right now:

 Create a Searchable Recipe Book

I recently had the opportunity to be part of a Blogger’s Table hosted by Evernote Food at a lovely restaurant (naturally!), Dum Affairs.

One of the first features that drew me to this application is the fact that I can scan ALL my printed or handwritten recipes into Evernote Food and then, when I need to look for something, by say, ingredient, I can find it in an instant! Win!

 Create a Food Journal

The other thing that you can do with Evernote is to record food experiences and create a food journal. As many of you know, I’m on a healthy eating project these days and keeping a food journal helps me to track what I ate and when in a nice, visual manner.

Other than that, it is great for those who entertain the same crowd frequently. You can click photos of dishes you’ve made so that you don’t repeat your dishes too often.  Plus, you can record the entire experience associated with the meal or the party even, and share it with those invited.

Hosting a potluck? Upload the photos and the recipes into Evernote Food and all the invitees can view them instantly. Fun, isn’t it?

I plan to also use it to record baking with my daughter – right from measuring out the ingredients to her licking the  batter bowl clean! **laughing**

 Make Lunchbox Planning  Easier

Finally, and my favorite part is that Evernote Food makes meal planning for my daughter’s lunchbox a whole lot easier. I can search for lunchbox recipes using ingredient keyword searches, save them into separate notebooks, organized by week. Makes planning school lunches so much simpler.

 Free+Fun+ Food =Fabulous

So, in my book, Evernote Food like everything else to do with Evernote is quite a winner! It is a free application for both Android and iPhone and just takes the whole experience of eating, cooking and experiencing food to another level. Ready to get organized with food?

 Are you an Evernote fan? Have you played with Evernote food?


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  1. wow…lots of ways you going to use evernote food!!

    for me…its just going to be my travel food experiences directory..being the amateur cook i am, I rarely plan for meals!!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great app!! I am using evernote, but haven’t tried the food version yet :-). Thanks for reviewing!

  3. If you could see the tabs open on my screen right now you would see Evernote, my reader and Hootsuite. Ok, you didn’t need to know about my reader and Hootsuite. I absolutely love Evernote!! I love how I can save something and it automatically saves it to my phone app also.

    And now there is Evernote Food???!!!! You just made my weekend! I know what I am doing this weekend–exploring this now great app.


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