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The Android Home Manager: My Favorite Free Apps to Manage Home, Easily

I switched to an Android sometime last year and while I know, the world pretty much raves about the iPhone, I am quite in love with my Droid and have posted about how I use it to keep myself productive and organized.

Besides boosting my productivity, I love how my smartphone is actually quite smart about helping me manage my home.

Here are 5 of my favorite  home management apps for Android and yes, frugal cheapskate that I am, these are ALL free:

1. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

This is my FAVE app of all time, ever. There isn’t a single recipe that I’ve tried from this application that hasn’t been a success. Yes, you do have to pay attention to the ‘star’ rating and read the reviews a bit but that’s okay. The best part is that you can simply look for recipes by ingredients, use the ‘Spinner’ function to come up with some interesting selections and save recipes to your favorites as well as Grocery list. All this in the FREE version. Yes, I do love it! It makes menu planning so much easier and interesting.

 2. Mighty Grocery Lite

This is an application I’ve started using fairly recently but I love it because it organizes shopping for groceries and makes it super-easy. You can create a shopping list according to the store, using manual entry, voice recognition or scanning the bar code. You can organize lists according to aisle and adding products is quick and easy since quite a lot are pre-filled, so you just select and you’re done.

 3. Dropbox

I know what you’re thinking, “Dropbox to manage home?”, but hear me out. We save our budgeting spreadsheet in a folder that both my husband and I share so we can both access it whenever we want from our respective phones or laptops, and update it on the go, easily. However, if you’re more tech savvy than us, you can also, check out the application. I haven’t used it personally but I checked it out a while ago and it does look quite neat.

 4. Kindle

Ahh… I love this application because it allows me to read eBooks whenever, wherever without having to carry another gadget. I did ask on our Facebook page and the verdict was unanimous in that having an actual Kindle is kickass, but for now the app serves my purpose and makes it simple for me to catch up on reading on the go. A huge part of managing home is managing one’s time and this application helps me do that while letting me indulge in a favorite pastime.

 5. Google Calendar

Not so much an app as the others, but I just had to include it in this list because my Google calendar is literally a life- and sanity-saver. It syncs with my Google calendar on the laptop so I can easily check when a client project is due or when do I have a play date while I’m out and about. Plus, I can create different calendars for different purposes, color-coded for ease of understanding, and can view them all easily and quickly. And yes, you can share calendars, set multiple reminders for the same task and basically, make your life a LOT easier.

 So, mamas, are you an Android user? What are your favorite home management apps and tech tools?

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  1. Nice post, Prerna! I’ll have to try the dinner spinner, there are days that my mind goes blank and I can’t think of a single dinner that everyone will agree on! I wanted to comment on since my oldest actually did use it when he moved out on his own. It helped him centralize all of his investments (Yes! He invests already at 25!) and expenditures. It helped keep him on-track and inspired.

    The other droid app that I use consistently is the ebay app – for selling, not buying, lol! It’s been really helpful if I’m away from home which happens quite a bit in the summer months.

    Have a great droid day! :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Vicki, thanks so much.. Glad you liked the post and yes, you will LOVE the dinner spinner.. So glad to know your oldest has used I guess I will have to give it a try sometime. And thanks for sharing the eBay app. That one’s new to me:-) You have a great droid day too:-)

  2. I am a Droid fan! i think Apple is a Monopoly. You can’t use your iPhone or iPad or iPod unless you have iTunes, and then if you need a new battery or something, you can’t replace it yourself – you have to go to the Apple store. I’m not about to be stuffed into the Apple box. I love Android. And yes, I do have a Kindle Fire, which also runs on Android, and it IS kickass!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Ahh.. Steph, you hear me! Thank you:-) I was just having the exact same discussion with my husband about the monopoly of Apple.. Guess, it’s great for some but maybe not for me:-) Steph, I’d love to ask you how is the Kindle fire different from the Kindle or the Kindle app, other than the size, of course.

      • I think the biggest difference is the web access. You can do almost everything you would on a computer with the Fire, and between the Android App Market and the Amazon App Store, you can get an app for just about everything else. It also has great graphics and color, and you can play games on it. Before I got it, I had the Kindle App for PC, and I couldn’t do games. Now, I have a bunch of baby games on my Fire and it keeps the baby occupied when we’re in the grocery store or at the doctor’s office or something. The only issue I have with it is that it’s difficult to type on. (I have chubby fingers and long fingernails). Other than that. I recommend it to everyone!

  3. I’m a huge fan of Apple and all of their products but the one thing I haven’t converted to is the iPhone. I do love my android because of the swipe typing feature, the camera has a higher quality than the iPhone and the photos upload directly.

    The kindle app is definitely one of my favorites as well. I’ve never tried dropbox, though, so thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Christine, thanks so much! That sounds just like the kind of tech combo I would like.. So, question for you: Is it easy for you to sync applications across your Macbook or iPad and Android phone? Which Droid do you have? Sorry if I’m being pesky just want to be sure before I make a switch to a Macbook or iPad..:-) Thanks!

  4. I love my Android! I totally agree with using Google Calendar for everything, and I have a paid (I think it was a $1 or $2) app that I really like, which is called Pure Calendar. It syncs with about a dozen different calendar programs, and comes with a great agenda widget, so I can see at a glance everything I have upcoming in an easy-to-read format. It also syncs with several free task management apps (I use Astrid) so that I have my task list built into my calendar.

    The other program I use almost daily is Springpad. It can be accessed online or from the free phone app. You create notebooks for any category you want, and then can add notes, tasks, pictures, audio recordings, and even scan barcodes and add item price information. It is great for when I need to make a quick note of something when I’m on the go, and since it syncs with my online account, I can pull the note up at work or home on my computer.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi April, thanks so much for sharing and stopping by.. Pure Calendar sounds awesome and so does Springpad.. Must check it out.. I think Springpad is a lot like Evernote, right? Or is there something different about it?

      • I haven’t used Evernote much, but what I have gathered from others who do use it is that Evernote is better for more free-form things, like clipping internet recipes, and Springpad is a bit more rigid. I know they are both free, and I probably should eventually get around to checking out Evernote. :)

  5. I am an iPhone user, and I agree that smartphones can make work at home much easier. I am a blogger and do social media marketing, so having those alerts (although sometimes overload) helps me keep on top of everything in a timely manner. I really could NOT do that without a smartphone.

  6. though i have been at times fascinated about the iphone, I am pretty much a Droid person and been one for the last 5 yrs. Its funny how phone now has become a more important management gadget for me than making mere fone calls! Its handy dandy! The budgeting spreadsheet Dropbox looks very promising, and then these are the ones I use all the time >>>

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks for sharing your fave apps, Poonam.. Wud be checking them out.. I agree, am fascinated by the iPhone too but love my Droid:-)

  7. It has been great to read about these Android apps! Off to check out some of them now.

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