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5 Frugal Ways to Get Organized : No-Cost, Cheap Hacks to Cut Clutter and Organize Chaos

“Dear Prerna, this year, I’m committed to getting organized and removing all the clutter and chaos from our life. However, I’m also committed to sticking to a budget and somehow, organizing seems so expensive. Jars, boxes, bins, labels. They all cost money. Is it possible for me to get an organized home without busting our budget?” -Mary-Anne

Luckily for Mary-Anne and anyone else wanting to get organized on a budget, the answer is, “You can!”

Organizing doesn’t and shouldn’t mean busting the budget. Isn’t saving money one of the reasons you want to get organized? So, I don’t see why it should be an expensive activity.

To get you inspired and organized in July, here are 5 frugal ways to get organized on a shoestring budget:

1. Use What You Have

Yes, look around the house and see what you already own that can help you corral clutter, organize knick-knacks and basically, streamline storage. Chances are you’ll find a LOT. This post will help you organize ALL your clutter using things from around the house. So, glass jars to hold pens and pencils, muffin tins to hold jewelery and cloth bags to hold books and magazines are just some of the suggestions you’ll find to help you get organized.

 2. Make Things Do Double Duty

Using a stack of books as a side table will keep the books organized AND give you a place to put your cuppa coffee. This post will help you find lots of ideas to make everyday essentials do double duty and help you get organized in no time and with next to no expense.

 3. Think Creative to Organize on a Budget

Sometimes, you need to look out of the box for organizing on a budget. Don’t just go by what the experts say. You don’t really need a fancy-schmancy gift wrap organizer. Used aluminum foil rolls can easily be used to keep ribbons in place while a spare wastepaper basket can hold the rolls of gift paper. Find this and 30 other creative organizing hacks in this post.

 4. Think Simple to Prevent Clutter

One of the easiest ways to prevent clutter from creeping up on you is to follow the simplest of rules: Buy Less.

If you don’t buy every single thing you think you need, you’ll end up actually saving money and keeping clutter at bay. For instance, do you really need to buy all the magazines you think you want to read? Consider reading at least a few, if not all, online. This post outlines 6 things I no longer buy and maybe neither should you!

5. Use Organization Strategies and Not Just Products

Organizing and decluttering is not so much about using the right products as it is about using the right strategies. For instance, keep like items together or cleaning up as you go are great strategies for organized and clutter-free living. You don’t have to keep like items together in pretty boxes, do you? You don’t have to clean up as you go with an expensive cleaning caddy, right?

So, use the strategies to get you organized and not dwell too much on the products. This post will show you how to keep your kitchen organized using strategies not products.

Do you struggle with organizing because of the expense? Which frugal hack are you going to use?


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