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Simple Summer Fun for the Kids: Technology-Free Resources and Ideas

summer fun

With summer in full swing here in India, I’ve had tons of fun keeping our little one busy with crafts, cooking, coloring and books. Our summer schedule is relatively fluid, simple and easygoing but we do have a schedule.

Since, we are on a staycation, what helps me plan her activities without overwhelming either one of us is a handy list of ideas to go to whenever I’m stuck. Since I’m not a big believer of turning on the television all the time or giving my daughter my phone to play with, I need a list of go-to ideas to make the hot, long days fun for her.

So, here’s my summer fun for kids ideas and resource list for you to bookmark and use:

summer fun idea reading

10 Tech-Free Ideas When You’re Stuck for Summer Fun:

1. Read, Read, Read

Yes, reading is inexpensive, tons of fun and kids love it. My little girl can often be found lying on her bed, leafing through a book and ‘reading’ a story to her dolls and toys. Reading is a great way to build vocabulary, inspire creativity and of course, pass the time.

 2. Color Me Up

We stocked up on a lot of coloring books, blank sheets of paper and crayons to help her color her way. Every day we spend time in the morning and evening, drawing, painting and coloring. So far, she likes drawing fish, faces and shapes. And colored in a lot of pictures. She uses her imagination to pick the colors. She loves it and we can do this while I catch up on emails sitting right opposite her on the table.

 3. Get Crafty

While I’m not as talented as many other crafty moms out there, I enjoy working with my daughter on craft activities. This summer, we’ve made a bed for her dolls out of a cardboard box and other small, random crafts. Crafts are a great way to recycle stuff from around the house and keep little ones busy with paint, glue and glitter.

 4. Cook Up a Storm

Whether it is baking cookies and cakes or mixing up a salad, we like to cook together and make a big thing out of it. Grab an apron, pick up a recipe, and get your kids into the kitchen. Cooking is an awesome free and fun way to spend a hot summer day. Try it!

 5. Summer Splashes

Summer means water play. And we’ve had SO much fun letting her celebrate the occasional summer showers by playing in the rain. And when there’s no rain, she enjoys taking some of her toys with her to the bathroom and splashing around a bit. Yes, even with my love for green, I can’t say ‘no’ to some summer splashing, can I?

 6. Banish Boredom with Board Games

Board games have been a real sanity saver for us. When there isn’t anything else for us to do, we reach for a favorite board game or two and the hours just fly by. Tumblin’ Monkeys, Hungry Hippos, Junior Scrabble, My First Charades are just a few favorites in this household.

 7. Play Date Fun

 Playdates are a lot of fun. This summer, we had a playdate ‘system’ where I would drop off little M at her friend’s place for a few hours once a week and her friend would come over to our place for a few hours once a week. So, for two days in the week, both friends would get to play with each other with a little parental supervision.

It was a great blessing because on the day when she would be away, I would get a HUGE chunk of my work done, and even on the day when her friend was visiting, I could manage finishing off a lot of chores with the kids ‘helping’ in between. Heck, I cleared out and organized our mud room with them in tow!

So, yes, see if you can set up a playdate system to suit your life and let your kids have lots of fun as well.

8. Celebrate a Sporty Summer

Summer is good for sports, especially in the evenings. The kids are raring to get out and spend all that energy they’ve kept pent up the whole day. We enrolled our daughter for tennis lessons. A friend sends her child for skating lessons. Another kid goes for swimming. Choose a sport you think your kid would enjoy and then, go for it.

 9. We All Scream for Ice-cream

Ahh. Yes. Icecream. Make it or buy it, but eat it. Nothing like a cold bowl of icecream on a hot summer day. ‘Nuff said.

 10. Summer Storytelling Fun

Finally, one of the best things I enjoy doing with my little girl is storytelling. She loves telling these long, rambling tales of characters from various books and she also, loves wanting to know, “Why” which often leads to some very interesting tales from yours truly. We’ve tried “I don’t know” but when that doesn’t work, we, my husband and I, weave a story. For instance,

“Mama, why is that car not going as fast as we are?”

Mama: “ I don’t know”

M: “But why, Mama. You know Mama?”

Mama: , “ I think the car is not going as fast as we are because the driver is new, he doesn’t know the area well and he’s looking for something.”

M: “Ahh.. Okay. “ Peace!

A story. It helps us pass the time and gets our creative juices flowing as well.

summer fun resources

Great Resources for Summer Fun for Kids

My go-to resources for summer fun for children:

1. Summer Survival Guide by Jessica Fisher. A 200-page guide to ALL sorts of summer fun! My favorite.

2. Amazon’s Summer Reading Lists. When I need to find new books to read, borrow or buy.

3. A Free Summer Fun eBook from Life Your Way. A new arrival since my last post showcasing some great eBooks for a stress-free summer. This one has tons of craft ideas, recipes and planning tips. And yes, yours truly is a part of it!

4. Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home Mom. As strange as it may sound, I often open my own eBook to look for craft websites to visit, books to read or movies to watch on Friday night.

5. Pinterest. Yes, I am late to the party but Pinterest has fast become my source of inspiration for pretty much everything, including summer fun! I’ve just created a Summer Fun board and will be adding to it in heaps I’m sure!

What are your resources and ideas for summer fun for kids? Have a post you’d like to share? Link up!

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  1. I love your list. We’re getting ready to gear up for a real vacation! Our first since having kids (and my oldest is 41/2 so it’s been awhile!)
    I haven’t gotten Jessica’s book, but I do follow her blog (that is how I discovered you!), and always get great ideas.
    Regular library trips, the splash park, the zoo (we have a pass), and wading in the creek and a picnic at the park are our favorites!
    Here is my post about summer fun.
    Johanna @ My Home Tableau recently posted..Reasons to instill good habits in your children.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Johanna, thanks for sharing your post and glad you liked my ideas! Wading in the creek sounds gorgeous.. Wish I lived somewhere with a creek or even, a lake close by! :-)

  2. Thanks for this. Even though it’s school season in our country, my son is with us 24/7! We’re also semi-homeschooling now that he’s in playschool stage, so some of these ideas will come in very handy during our “relaxed homeschooling” mornings. No structure yet, but the little boy insists on a routine!
    Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer recently posted..Inspired Words: Are You Failing Forward?

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Martine, so when do schools close for the summer in the Phillipines? Hahah.. Glad to know that the little one likes a routine. Sounds exactly like our daughter!Don’t they keep us, mamas, in line? :-)

      • Hi, Prerna. School begins on the first week of June here! Opposite from the western schedule. It ends in March, when the summer heat takes over, so April-May is our summer. :) Yes, he DOES love routine. We just finished drawing now, so he told me to go prepare lunch. Cutie!

        By the way, CONGRATS on the summer sanity savers book! I find it’s not just useful for summer, but for homebodies like me who are home all day, all year. LOL. Can’t wait for what you will come up with next! It’s all very amazing — keep it up, mama!
        Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer recently posted..Inspired Words: Are You Failing Forward?

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