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Food on the Go: Travel Snacks for Kids

With the summer holidays fast approaching us here in India, it is time for us to start planning short getaways and weekend breaks.

And traveling with our daughter in tow means one thing – carrying enough snacks and drinks to keep that little tummy full. Hungry kids don’t make the best travel companions. Trust me.

So, I have a ready list of  travel snacks that we carry with us when traveling by road, rail or air. The snacks I make and carry for a road trip are pretty much what I reach for when traveling by train or air.

Here are some of our favorites, besides easy-to-carry fruit and chopped raw veggies:

1. No-bake Granola Bars

I’d shared my recipe for these yummy snacks earlier. While they are pretty much a staple for winter travel since they’re packed with jaggery, honey and nuts, I don’t think I’ll mind carrying them along during the summer trips too. Probably she won’t eat as many of them. Probably.

 2. Easy to Make Travel Trail Mix

Trail mixes make healthy travel snacks for kids. And I love making my own before a big trip. Nothing fancy. Just mixing together some puffed rice, some cinnamon powder, a dash of brown sugar, raisins, almonds/cashews, and my daughter’s favorite cereal of the day. Give your little traveler a handful and you have a happy camper.

3. Cookies, the Healthy, Wholesome Kinds

You know that cookies are easy and yummy travel snacks for kids, right? However, I love the healthy cookies that Katie’s eBook Smart Sweets has. Made with wholewheat flour, sucanat, brown sugar or jaggery, butter and packed with yummy goodness, I bake a batch of Whole wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies,  the evening before we have to leave and pack them into a box and carry along. Accompanied with a glass of juice or milk, these healthy, good-for-you cookies make perfect travel snacks for hungry, little (and not-so-little) travelers.

 4. Mini Muffins

Mmm.. we all love mini muffins and when you think about how easy it is to make them, you wonder why you don’t make them all the time. You know the answer to that one, don’t you? Any way, when traveling, I try to make a batch of banana bread mini muffins and no, I don’t frost them.

5. Sandwiches

The favorite travel food. Easy-to-make, easier-to-carry and easiest-to-eat. Yes, sandwiches with a variety of fillings are a staple for road trips or any other trip for that matter. You can make sandwiches with cheese and lettuce, chicken salad, ham and cheese, tomato and cucumber or plain butter and jam or jelly. I like to keep them fun by using cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes.

So, there you are. Need help carrying all or some of these? Check out Easy Lunchboxes. They’re not only great for school lunches but also to pack travel snacks for kids. Best part, if you’re traveling with more than one kid, you can pack separate travel snack ‘lunchboxes’ for everyone. Fun and no fighting over ‘he ate this’ and ‘she’s not giving me that!’

 More Travel Snack Options for Kids

Yes, there are times when I run out of ideas and that is when I reach for my favorite cookbook – the Internet. Lucky for me, there are plenty of talented moms whipping up tasty and healthy travel snacks to carry when heading out for a holiday.

Picnic Snacks  from Simple Bites gives you food that is easy-to-eat and yes, picnic food is easy-to-carry as well. Pressed sandwiches, anyone?

Chocolate Dipped Nuts from Good Life Eats is well, ’nuff said. Make them even if you’re not traveling.

Healthy Snacks for Kids from Untrained Housewife offers you lots of yummy, easy-to-carry and healthy snack options

Fruit Rollups and Snacks  from Food for My Family is an easy and yummy travel snack option. Yes, it does involve some work but when you’ll consider the tastiness and the fact that they’re homemade and preservative-free, you wouldn’t mind making that little effort. Yeah, its on my list for our next trip.

What are YOUR favorite travel snacks for the kids?

Photo Credit: Nicola


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  1. I like to try and make little snacks for journeys and trips, not only are they better on the purse and generally much healthier, but my children always seem to enjoy them more then if I pick something up at the store. One of their favourites is my mini omlettes, cooked in muffin trays filled with veg!

  2. I find fruits to be easy and handy while traveling. Just pack a small knife (not in hand luggage, if traveling by air).

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Yeah, Anu. Fruits are a fave here too. I try to carry some of these in addition to the fruit for variety and to basically, keep her tastebuds happy:-)

  3. Bonnie Vaughter says:

    Traveling with eggs??? That’s too scary for me. I stick with fruit leather, carrot sticks and celery are tidy, nuts, beef or turkey jerky, string cheese, dried fruits, cold cereals, gogurts, and only water. Costco sells unrefridgerated milk that we haven’t tried yet. Sandwiches get so messy and my kids are definately “visual” eaters…if it looks messy/gross, I will have a hard time getting them to eat it. However, wraps with just a cream cheese/ranch mix and ham or turkey work well. They have to be eaten in the first 24hrs of the trip because the tortilla can get soggy. My kids also love turkey pepperoni. Regular pepperoni is pretty greasy.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Bonnie.. Thanks so much for sharing.. We generally use boiled eggs, so they’re actually quite easy to manage:-) Great suggestion on using wraps with a cream cheese dressing.. We’re headed for another road trip later this month.. I’ll definitely make some!

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