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Grow Your Business While Taking a Break with Mom Biz Retreat


  • Do you want to take a break but feel your business will suffer?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the demands of a growing or new business?
  • Are you tired to the bone creating a strategy or business plan for your latest venture?
  • Does just the thought of a pedicure seem like true bliss?

Well, then I have just the right solution for you!

Meet the Mom Biz Retreat – a weekend spent nurturing and rejuvenating your soul while working on your business with two talented business coaches and trainers – Lara Galloway and Shelagh Cummins.

The first Mom Biz Retreat was held in Chicago and was, not surprisingly, an amazing success.

Here’s what newbie mom entrepreneur Michele Stalker of Morganized Mom had to say about attending the retreat, “In starting up a new business, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know quite where to begin. Spending a weekend surrounded by incredibly supportive women who were in all stages of business, without the distractions of home, I was able to do some genuine soul searching.”

Yes, we all recognize the overwhelm and the lack of focus, right?

So, What Is the Mom Biz Retreat

The Mom Biz Retreat is a weekend where you truly mix business with pleasure. You get to make your business successful AND enjoy some well-deserved “me time.”

By the end of the weekend, you will:

  • work on your business in a supportive and nurturing environment,
  • receive individualized coaching and training to help grow your monthly income,
  • be pampered with delicious food, wine and spa treatments,
  • thrive in the company of amazing women who understand and live in a similar world,
  • walk away with tools, strategies, goals and a plan after just one weekend!

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

But wait {insert cheesy telemarketing soundtrack!}, there’s more! **laughing**

I’d mentioned that the Retreat is hosted by Lara and Shelagh. Now who are they?

Lara aka MomBizCoach (MA, mother of two) is a certified life and business coach; speaks at conferences, retreats and private groups; hosts a weekly radio show; and is regularly featured in the national and international media.

Shelagh aka BizTrainHer (MA, mother of three) is the founder of and; a business trainer with a focus on performance improvement solutions; a facilitator in classroom and field settings around the world; and a content strategy queen.

You’d be hard-pressed trying to find 2 more competent women to learn from.

Here’s what former Mom Biz Retreat attendee Judy Ranieri of SmallBiz Café has to say about Lara and Shelagh’s awesomeness, “I’ve been telling everyone I know how great both you and Shelagh are at leading a group through a weekend long session. You are both motivating, inspirational, driven, caring, supportive and committed to the Mom Biz Retreats, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other women!”

But, Can I Afford It?

Ahh, the money factor. You see, a ticket to the Mom Biz Retreat costs $599. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But hear me out.

First, I am going to give you a special discount code that will shave off a full $75 from that ticket price. Just use DENVER75. So there.

Next, take a look at everything that you will learn:

• Branding

• Business Planning

• Time Management

• Work/Family Balance Strategies

• Social Media Marketing Plans

• Systems and Structures to Support You

• Business Management

• Outsourcing and Delegation

• Where to Find More Clients

• How to Make More Money

And that is just the short list.

Also, it is just the business side of things. Here’s the other ‘sweet’ stuff that’s included:

  • Breakfast for all hotel guests Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • All morning and afternoon coffee/snack breaks each day
  • Drinks and light snacks Thursday night
  • Lunch on Friday and Saturday
  • Dinner Friday night
  • Gourmet dinner Saturday night
  • Transportation to our evening events Friday and Saturday
  • Martinis and Manicures Friday night
  • Any other special events we come up with!
  • Workbooks
  • Welcome Bags
  • Tons of cool gifts and swag from our sponsors!

So, you see. That $524 (after you take off the $75 discount) is really a steal, isn’t it?

Now, do you want to build your business, take it to the next level and hang out with some amazing women during the weekend of June 7th through June 10th in Denver, CO?

 Then,head here and give your business and your self the nurturing they deserve.


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