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Awesome Travel Accessories for Kids to Make Traveling and Trips Easy and Fun

Are you planning a summer vacation this year? A road trip? Or probably, flying cross-country to meet extended family?

Whatever be the reason, traveling with children in tow can be so much easier when you have the right travel accessories for kids – books, backpacks, travel gear.

Here are some neat travel accessories for kids to make your next trip with the kids super-easy and tons of fun:

Fun Backpacks to Make Travel Enjoyable

Our daughter loves to tote her own little backpack filled with her stuff. Not only does it help her be more independent but it also keeps everything she needs and wants in one easy place.

A cute backpack or travel tote for kids can be a great way to make travel time fun and enjoyable. These backpacks from Gooie and the personalized backpacks from Denim Baby, as well as the evergreen favorite Trunki are great accessories to have for traveling with kids.

Travel Snack Packs and Organizers

I love my SnackTaxi snack sacks and sandwich sacks to carry munchies for my little girl. They are easy to toss into my tote

, take up hardly any space and can be washed easily as well.

Another great accessory to make road trips easier is a car organizer, one that comes with cute motifs, kiddie colors and plenty of pockets to hold those toys and coloring books. I love this one from BabyMoov and will be reviewing it shortly on the site as well.

A Handy First Aid Kit for Bumps and Bruises

The Kiss it Better Bag  is a must-have for every journey. It is handy enough to be slipped into your tote or hand bag and is packed with all the essentials – bandages, dressings, wipes, gloves, band aids, disposable thermometer and more – you need to soothe those unexpected bumps and bruises.

Comfy Travel Clothes

I did mention in my earlier post on kid-friendly travel tips that we dress our daughter up in easy-to-manage clothes and I’d reiterate that here as well. PJs are another great way to make traveling easy and comfy. In fact, if I had my way, I would have traveled in my PJs as well. But let’s not go there!

Any ways, PJs for kids such as these from Huckleberry Lane are super comfortable and can make road trips so much easier.

Make Sleeping Easy When Traveling

Traveling can throw a child’s sleep cycle out of whack. The ambient sounds and lights can make sleeping difficult and lack of sleep, we all know, leads to a very cranky child. Sleep Phones are super-soft headphones that just wrap around the head and include unique thin-speakers-in-a-headband design that do not cause ear pain during extended wear like ear buds can. You can hook them up to let your little one listen to soothing lullabies or sounds to calm them down easily.

A travel neck pillow, such as this one from Baby Moov, can also make sleeptime easy and comfy for babies and toddlers. Throw on a blanket and you’ll have baby in Dreamland in next to no time. And yes, don’t forget those comfy PJs!

Travel Toys for Tots

Yes, traveling whether by road or air means having a stash of toys to keep the little traveler engaged and entertained. I did share quite a few of my faves in this BIG list of travel toys and activities for kids; but some of my picks for this post were these cute toys from Entropy, a mom-owned business. Check out these finger puppets from the fairy tale series or this cute Haba Tin Game, Who Am I? I also loved the Colour Me Art  coloring book that is tear-and-share and is great to have especially if you are traveling to Australia any time soon. Else, you can just keep any good coloring books in your travel toys kit and don’t forget to put some crayons in there as well.

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Will you be traveling this summer? Do you have a favorite kiddie travel accessory that makes traveling with babies and toddlers easy and fun? Do share in the comments.

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