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7 Fun and Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Simple Ways to Make Mom Feel Extra Special

Note from Prerna: This weekend, we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom-in-law and of course, me. Naturally, I’m delighted to have Mayank share his fun and frugal ideas to gift a mother on this special day. 

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” ~Ricki Lake

 This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It is a day to thank and shower a lot of love on your mother. While we all agree that just a day in the year is not enough to show your love or appreciation for someone as important as your mother, one can still try and make this day memorable for your Mom. Make her feel special and show how much you care for her.

Here are 7 frugal Mother’s Day gift ideas to make it a memorable one for your Mom:

 1.  Breakfast in Bed

Every mother has to start her day early. She always puts her family’s needs ahead of her own and never fails to give you breakfast or get your laundry done on time. You can surprise her by making her much-loved breakfast and serving it to her in bed with a note and some flowers to show how much you love her.

Note from Prerna: Jessica from Life as Mom has a beautiful post on how to put together a lovely breakfast-in-bed tray

 2.  Photo Gifts to Make Mom Smile

A photo gift is a great way to celebrate this day. Get her a custom made photo product like a calendar or a day planner that showcases all of the special moments shared with the family.

 3.  Get Her a Hamper with Her Fave Everyday Things

A hamper is a lovely gift for any occasion. You can get her one with her favourite everyday things like a wine and chocolate hamper or a fruit and candy basket.

 4.  Gift an Outdoor Plant

A beautiful, outdoor plant like a lily planter or a or a single lavender tree can make a perfect gift and also add beauty and colour to a patio or a garden.

 5.  Fridge Magnets

These make for beautiful gifts since one sees them every day and it’s a reminder of the love and affection of our family. Get your mom a ‘best mother in the world’ or ‘awesome mom’ or ‘Mom – master of multitasking’ magnet to show how much you love and appreciate her.

Note from Prerna: I have two adorable ones, including one of an elephant with a broken ear. **smiling**

 6. Donate to her Fave Charity

Do something for other mothers to honour your own. Donate to her favourite charity in her name to make this day special for a lot of mothers.

7.  Take Her to a Movie or Rent an Old Favourite

Spend some time with your mother by taking her to a movie or renting an old favourite of her’s and watching it with her. Spending quality time with Mom on this day is the best gift you can give her.

No matter what you get your Mom this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to tell her how much she means to you and don’t forget to get her some of her favourite flowers.


What fun and frugal gift ideas do YOU have for Mother’s Day?

Photo Credit: Gene Hunt


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  1. We’re taking my mom shopping! :) Always fun to go on a shopping spree for her, she doesn’t really spend for herself. We’re doing to be hitting her favorite clothing store for a new, much-deserved outfit. :)
    Martine | Work at Home Mom Writer recently posted..How a Life Coach Helped Me (and how it’ll help you!) {A Mommy T Coach Giveaway}

  2. Hi Martine,

    Thanks for sharing!

    Seems like you have the perfect Mother’s Day planned. I am sure your mom would really enjoy spending this day shopping with her loved ones.

    Am off to getting the Mother’s Day breakfast ready for Prerna with our 4 year old :-)

    Have a Great day :-)


  3. Thanks for the link love. Glad you enjoyed it.


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