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Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

Before we head into May, I wanted to take a moment and thank each one of you for being such lovely, loyal readers.

Every now and then, I like to spend time getting to know YOU better. I want to know about your business, your work-at-home life, your current challenges.

I want to know this so I can work towards creating an online space at The Mom Writes that would help you be a stronger, more intentional, focused and productive work-at-home mom.

So, do reply, or click over and comment and tell me about yourself.

Tell me how can I help YOU.

Also, feel free to share links to your websites, social profiles, blogs. I’d love to return the love that you’ve shown The Mom Writes and visit your websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards.

Here’s where you can find me:

The Mom Writes – of course!

On Facebook – It is a lovely community for work-at-home mamas, so do drop by and join in.

On Twitter– I tweet out #wahmtips and more fun stuff to help busy moms do more with their time and lives, easily and effectively.

On Pinterest – Yes, I took the plunge, bit the bullet and started pinning. From boards designed to help work-at-home moms to fun stuff and freebies to foodie boards, you’ll find me sharing the loveliness that abounds on the Internet.

Do join me at any or ALL of these places and yes, now, it’s your turn! 


 Photo Credit: D.Sharon Pruitt


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  1. Hello Prerna! I’m a work-from-home freelance writer, wife & cat-mom from Davao City Philippines. I blog about Books, Pets & Animals, Writing, Food & Cooking, Marriage & Family Life, and so much more. I’m a fan of your blog and I’ve included it in my blog roll. Hope you can visit my blog too and give me your honest opinion & tips on how I can improve on it.


    • Hi Cham, thank you for stopping by and sharing. I look forward to checking out your blog and helping you grow your freelance writing biz. I do hope you’ve checked out the freelance writing resources on this site and, do let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. hi..
    i am not work at home mom.. but a full time architect.. i write about life, family , my daughter and what i face day to day. few memories, few worries.. i would be glad if you read my blog and share your views.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing.. Being a fulltime working mom is not easy. I look forward to reading your blog. Do let me know what kind of feedback are you looking for. Design, content, ease of use? :-)

  3. Hi Prerna! I’ve been an avid blog follower of yours ever since I heard about you from Dainty Mom (I’m a follower of her blog too). I’m a work-at-home mom and juggling my time with my daughter & hubby, our home, my online work (as a Virtual Assistant) and my 2 online shops (Shopping Spells and Glamma Momma in Multiply Marketplace). Your How To Be A Work-At-Home Mom ebook helped me a lot in terms of fixing my time management. Although, I’m still on my way to balancing all my commitments and responsibilities. I hope you could also visit my blog too and get some tips and pieces of advice as a mom and a blogger. Thanks!

    • Hi Glamma Mamma! Lovely to meet you and wow, you are one busy bee! I am SO glad my eBook helped you. I will be checking out your blog and your shops and look forward to staying connected!

  4. I work from home creating custom memorial quilts and proofreading ebooks and quilt/craft patterns. I’d like to say that my biggest challenge is having enough hours in a day to get everything done, but the truth is really that I often lack the focus I need to get everything done. Anyway, I so appreciate all your great WAHM tips here at The Mom Writes, Prerna. You’re already helping me every day!

    As for my sites/blogs:

    • Crystal, thank you for sharing! You are one of my favorite readers and I am thrilled to see the links to all your sites. Can’t wait to check them out! And, ahh, lack of focus. Yes, we all face that problem, sometimes, don’t we? :-) Thank you for your warm appreciation and for being such a loyal reader.

  5. Hi Prerna.
    I am a SAHM, and have blogged for about a year, but just recently I started blogging with more consistency and intentionality. I have followed your blog for a little while now and am really trying to glean some of your work-life balance wisdom (especially as this is something I am just moving towards…i.e. I technically don’t “work” at home because it is a venture that doesn’t currently produce any income; however it needs to be invested in if I ever want it to). I really appreciate your work!

    • Hi Becca, glad to know you’ve started blogging consistently. A regular posting schedule is one of the first steps to succeeding as a blogger. What is your WAHM business? Would love to help you make money from it as well. LOL.

      Regarding work-life balance, it does seem to be a challenge for many. I plan on addressing this in my upcoming posts soon.

      Thanks for your appreciation, Becca. I look forward to staying connected!

  6. Hello Prerna,

    I am a work at home mom. I am consultant with Creative Memories. I enjoy preserving pictures and journaling them. I have a blog related with Creative Memories. It’s . I am aware that I need to post that blog often. It’s a challenge for me to focus and to complete what I need to do instead of procrastinating.

    In addition to my work with Creative Memories, I am a Parent Guide with Guide By Your Side under Hands and Voices organization. I advocate other parents, who have babies and children, who are deaf, deaf-blind, and deaf and other handicaps. I enjoy doing this work.

    Speaking of my personal blog, I sometimes have difficult time to think of what I want to write posts. I sometimes like to write posts… short and sweet. Of course, I’d love to write my blog almost daily.

    At last, I enjoy reading your blog. I admire that you keep your blog updated daily. Keep up good work.

    Dina Marie

    • Hi Dina, thank you for your warm appreciation! You have an interesting life.. I love how you take time to work as a Parent Guide as well. That is wonderful. Lack of focus, yes, that is what most work-at-home moms face. In fact, Crystal above just mentioned the same thing. I think we need a few posts addressing this topic.:-) I look forward to staying connected!

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