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How to Make the First Day of Nursery School Easy for Your Child: What this Mama Did

So, yesterday, was the first day for my daughter to attend ‘big’ or nursery school. While she was going to a preschool for a few hours every day since she turned two, this was the very first time, she wore a uniform, school shoes, carried a school bag and entered the doors of a formal school.

Yes, a part of me sobbed inside while another cheered with delight to see my li’l girl walk inside cheerfully and confidently.

Here are a few things I did to make her first day of nursery school or ‘big’ school as we call it easy and fun:

1. Develop Basic School Skills

While she did go to playschool, we did spend time at home learning to hold a pencil and write basic letters- A, H, L, T, I and a few others. We also had tons of fun learning and reinforcing colors, shapes, numbers and opposites. However, this was a process that started weeks before we even started looking for a big school. It was just part of our daily routine and she loved it!

2. Talk About the School

Yes, letting her know that she would be moving on from the now-familiar confines of her play school to a big one was essential. She had made friends at her playschool and the thought of no longer meeting them every day was quite difficult for her to digest.

So, we and the teachers at the playschool explained that everyone would be going to a different ‘big’ school and that they would learn more, do more, and best of all, make more friends.

3. Visit the School

Another thing that really helped her get used to the idea of a ‘big’ school was actually taking her to visit the school, show her around. She was sold when she saw the splash pool and the big slides! **laughing**

4. Try on the Uniform and Shoes

Since this was the first time she was going to wear a uniform, we wanted to be sure that she would be comfortable in it. So, we tried on the entire outfit, including the shoes. Yes, we made a big deal of how smart she looked! As it happened, the outfit did need minor alterations and an early try out session helped us get those done well in time.

5. Pack a Special Lunch

I packed brown sugar caramel cupcakes in her lunch box. Healthy? Somewhat since they were made of brown sugar and wholewheat flour. But best of all, they were what she wanted and she loved it. So, pack a treat for first day of  nursery school, tell your kiddo about it and watch their little face light up.  Need some ideas? Here are 20 lunchbox ideas to help you get started.

6. Do the School Drop Off Yourself

And finally, even if you’ve opted for a school bus, for the first day do the drop off and pick up yourself. You can use the time to talk about activities on your way to school and after pick up, ask about your little one’s day, dry any tears from missing her old school and get her enthused about saying goodbye to her new class and teachers.


How do you make the first day of nursery school easy and fun for your child?


Photo Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt


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  1. well written.. somehow every parent gets worried about the first day in school of their kids. i liked the idea of visiting school earlier and trying out the outfit. i need to save this page, so that i can follow it when my little one goes to school a year later.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks, Ashreyamom. Glad you found these useful. I may also add that this does not mean your little one will go off laughing and all happy. Mine still cried, but she was okay once we left her in the class:-)

  2. Great tips Prerna. Will certainly need them when my daughter goes to big school next year.

  3. Some great tips to get them prepared for the first of many big days ahead. My twins are not old enough yet for nursery and I feel almost the same as you, I am looking forward to the start of their new life but also feel a bit of sadness that they both will be growing up – too fast for my liking!

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