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How to Go Green in the Bathroom to Save the Environment, Your Skin and Some Money

The bathroom is the first place I go to as soon as I wake up. You see, brushing my teeth and splashing water on my face is a great way to freshen me up and drive away any traces of sleep.

Naturally, I wanted to kickstart Earth Day month by sharing how to go green in the bathroom without going overboard and while leading a busy life:

1. Switch to Skin-Friendly, Eco Personal Care Products

The first thing I did when greening our bathroom was switch to organic, skin-friendly personal care products. I didn’t toss out the chemical-laden soaps, shampoos and lotions. I simply didn’t replace them when we ran out of them. Instead, we hunted for chemical-free, naturally made personal care products. Forest Essentials’ Body Silk and Hair Cleansers are expensive but read the label and you’ll know ALL the ingredients that go into them. Makes one feel so much better!

Do you have an eco-friendly hair and skincare option you can use?

We also switched to soaps made by the Khadi organization here in India. Made of natural ingredients and essential oils, these soaps smell wonderful and have nothing that sounds strange and worrying in them. If you’re in the US, you should totally check out Wett Giggles, a mom-owned business that makes handmade soaps with natural ingredients and essential oils. Plus, they have the cutest animal toys and nail brushes with every soap!

2. Use Green Cleaners to Clean the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can easily be done using natural, homemade cleaners such as a vinegar-water mix for the sinks, tubs, toilets, counters and mirrors. We don’t have a tub but if you have one and are looking for a non-toxic bathtub cleaner, there’s a great one here. Here’s a list of some of my favorite eco cleaning tips to replace the chemical overload that commercial cleaners bring. Save yourself some money while saving the planet as well!

3. Try the Bucket and Mug Bath Method, For a Change

Ahh, yes. We all love that soak in the tub or the refreshing shower. But did you know that using a basic bucket and mug will let you save at least 20 gallons of water each time you bathe?  So, if you’re curious to know more about the bucket and mug bathing method, this post will give you detailed instructions. You don’t have to switch completely, just using this method once or twice a week, too, will make a HUGE difference.

4. Be Water Aware

Yes, pay attention to how you’re using the water in the bathroom. Is it running while you brush your teeth? The bucket and mug method will also making shaving water-friendly. Simply fill up the mug with water and dip your razor in it. The guys can do the same thing too! Again, save money and the environment.

5. Save Power in the Bathroom

Leaving the light on in the bathroom in place of a night light or the geyser for hot water on at all times is nothing but sheer wastage of power. In fact, I’d recommend skipping the blow dry as well a few times {unless that would leave you with really bad hair days!} and just letting a brush and the air do their work naturally.

How do YOU go green in the bathroom? Do share with us in the comments and help us green our lives, a little bit more.

Speaking of green and eco-friendly living, stay tuned for a fun FREE eco eBook coming your way this month!

Post Credit: Steve Johnson


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  1. hi.. i am here in ur blog for first time and discovered it through blog-adda. its a nice and intersting blog and first topic i read is close to my heart. go green. somehow after my daughter’s birth we are using green things in our bathroom. we use bengal gram flour for making her bath, biodegradable detergent for her cloths, indian herbs for her hair.. and we wash bathroom floor with Salt, it removes most of the stains.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi @Ashreyamom, thank you and welcome! Your tips are great. I remember using bengal gram flour or besan as well for my daughter. And I’m going to definitely try the Salt trick for washing the floor. Didn’t think of that. Thank you once again for sharing!

  2. Hi Prerna,
    These are gr8 tips. I love the bucket n mug method for bathing tip.
    When I was in Chennai, due to water scarcity we were given one bucket of water each in the hostel….wow that was an eye opener for me n I decided to be careful with using water. But now I have gone back to my bad old self…thanks for your post Prerna…I will go back to my green ways of saving water.

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