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Eco-friendly, Economical Earth Day Celebrations: Frugal and Fun Ways to Go Green This Year

Taking baby steps towards going green and living a more environmentally responsible life is something that we’ve been doing as a family ever since our daughter was born.

Yes, having kids kind of makes you want to have a planet to live on…for a long time!

So, naturally, this weekend being Earth Day weekend, I wanted to celebrate an eco-friendly and economical Earth Day with YOU!

Save Trees and Money, Read an eBook

You know, eBooks are eco-friendly, right? And when they’re cheap, they’re economical too!

So, first off, is a HUGE sale on How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life. For this weekend only, you can get this 70-page resource for work-at-home moms for just $8.50! That’s right. A cool 50% OFF!!

Next, download the Kindle app for your Android, iPhone or PC and download some awesome reads for FREE! Yes, the Kindle store has some neat free eBooks every day, in every possible category.

Save the Planet, Walk

Walking is not just good for your health, it is also a blessing for the Earth. Each time you pound the road with your sneaker-clad feet instead of taking the car out, you’re giving yourself much needed exercise and the planet a break from fuel consumption. Speaking of exercise and staying healthy, check out the FitMom Project by The Mogul Mom. A 30-day email program, The Fit Mom Project helps you get motivated, shows you how to fit fitness into your life as a busy mom and best of all, gives you the power of a community cheering you on and keeping you accountable. Check it out here !

Take Green Baby Steps…Everyday

Yes, going green is not about making sweeping changes or giving up everything you like. For moms, like you and me, it is about making those small changes, every day. Like using vinegar and water to clean instead of that chemical-laden household cleaner or packing a wholesome lunch for our kids in reusable lunchboxes instead of giving them lunch money.

Yes, baby steps. Here are some eco-friendly baby steps to help you along the way:

Green the Bathroom

Eco-friendly Organizing

Green Cleaning Simplified

Green and Frugal Gift Wrapping

Green Your Laundry

Eco-friendly Shopping Tips and Ideas

Go Green on a Shoestring Budget

How will YOU be celebrating an economical Earth Day this year?

Remember, to get your copy of How to be a Work-at-Home Mom this weekend! At 50% OFF!

A 70-page go-to guide to show you EVERYTHING you need to know about being a work-at-home mama! From productivity to budgeting to keeping the kids engaged to rocking your business on a shoestring budget, you’ll get ALL this and MORE. Only $8.50 from Friday April 20, 2012 to Sunday April 22,2012 (23:59 PST). Buy it  NOW!

Photo Credit: Louise Docker


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  1. You are so right Prerna, having kids makes one look at our world and it’s environment in a different light. I am also trying to connect my family with natural and green living. But like you said “baby steps”.

  2. I think caring for the Earth doesn’t always have to start with moms concerned about their kids future home. I believe everyone should take part in taking care of the planet.

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