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5 Effective, Economical Business Building Resources for Work-at-Home Mothers

Do you wish you could build a bigger, better business?

Or maybe you want to connect with fellow mom entrepreneurs and chat about business and babies?

Does bootstrapping your business make you feel at a loss when it comes to promotion and marketing?

I did share with you a couple of fun business building resources earlier as well. Well, today, again I have not one, not two but 5 awesome resources to help you grow your business, network with fellow entrepreneurs and have a great time being a work-at-home mom!

1. The Mogul Mom’s Marketplace

First up, is The Mogul Mom’s Marketplace. It is a delightful directory filled with all sorts of amazing mom-owned businesses. But what makes it extra-special is that it has a private Facebook Group that YOU get access to when you sign up. Signing up isn’t expensive either. At just $150 a year, you get a listing PLUS the private group access!

Yes, I am a part of the group. In fact, in the interest of full disclosure, I am the Managing Editor for the site and can vouch for the fact that the group is filled with amazing women entrepreneurs, each of whom is sharing, learning and growing together.

Oh, and yes, you get to ‘chat’ first-hand with The Mogul Mom herself, Heather Allard who’s always around to answer your questions, help you out with practical advice and support your journey!

2. Shine Little Biz

Now, this is a beautiful site with an even more beautiful mission. Owned by Karen Gunton, Shine is a support network of women in business. Karen believes, “that we need to share what we do with others. We need to change the culture of competition to co-opetition; to change the culture of modesty to celebration; to value ourselves so that others will find value in what we do; to see that the more we share with others, the more we get in return. We need to SHINE.”

Again, I know Karen. I’m an expert partner on her other site, build a little biz, where she helps business owners rock their ventures. I admire her decision to generously help other women business owners celebrate their businesses, easily and authentically. Interested in making YOUR business SHINE? Here are the details .

3. Market Mommy

Founded by Dawn Berryman, Market Mommy is one of the best business building resources for work-at-home moms. Dawn offers you a TON of marketing opportunities, most of which are truly affordable. For instance, in the business directory, you can get listed for FREE or if you want a snazzier listing that includes a button, you can upgrade for a nominal fee.

4. Seed Mommy

Another awesome site for mom business owners, Seed Mommy is the brainchild of Toni Bloomfield and offers you free business listing opportunities plus the chance to network with thousands of other work-at-home moms via their social media outlets. And yes, it also has information, articles and resources for you to check out.

5. Support a WAHP

This one is not just for work-at-home moms or women, but for everyone who works out of home. it offers business promotion and networking opportunities to help you learn, grow and share. They have a forum, a very active and popular Facebook page and of course, they have a business directory as well. Plus, if you sign up to become a member, you get access to a private Facebook group as well.

So, how are YOU going to grow your business on a shoestring budget this year?

Need more affordable and effective business building resources? Check out my eBook, How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life, a 70-page resource packed with information, interviews, tips and ideas.

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  1. These are great resources, Prerna – and three are completely new to me. I’ve been looking for ways to spread the word about my custom memorial quilts business/website and a couple of these may help.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks Crystal:-) I’ll be sharing many more such affordable resources to help market one’s small business. Meanwhile, if you want to chat about building up buzz for the quilting business/website, I’m just an email away:-)

  2. Hi Prena, this is a great list of resources for WAHMs. Looking forward to more of such information from you!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Ruth, thank you! Glad you found this useful. Yes, there will be plenty such posts coming your way in the future:-) Stay tuned!

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