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WAHM Spotlight: An Interview with Amanda of Le Petit Refuge

It is time for WAHM Spotlight – a monthly WAHM interview,   and this time, I’m delighted to shine the spotlight on Amanda Shelly of Le Petit Refuge. If you remember, I was gushing about her handmade soaps, body lotions and lip balms earlier this month.

Here is Amanda talking about her life as a mom entrepreneur and work-at-home mother. Read on to find out how this mom of twins juggles a business along with her home and family.

What motivated or inspired you to launch Le Petit Refuge?

I was trying to come up with ideas for handmade Christmas gifts and realized that not only did soap, scrub, and candle making interest me more than I ever expected, but that I could also see myself doing something beyond Christmas gifts. My husband works a lot during the holiday season and I had a lot of time to plan my attack after putting the kids to bed!!

Since Le Petit Refuge is all about being green and natural, what tips do you have for looking good naturally?

The idea of “less is more” is absolutely true. Most times you look more beautiful with just a little makeup rather than caking it on. Make sure you always keep you skin hydrated.

I remember hearing a story by a woman who was in her 90’s who had the most amazing skin. She said her secret was putting on facial moisturizer 2x a day. She said it was one of the first things she did every morning. I never forgot that because it is so simple yet so true.

What business tips and tricks would you like to share with other mom-owned businesses?

Really it is all about organizing your life to fit your kids’ schedules, family needs, and your own business/personal needs. I completely love what I am doing so I fit it into every spare moment of the day. When the kids rest on the couch, when they go to school {for 5 hours a week}, and as soon as they go to bed I am in the kitchen whipping things up. I make sure that I still take time with my husband when he gets home from work, which I find really important.

Working from home can be tough because you can get pulled into working all the time or getting distracted and not doing enough. I alternate between the two, just depends on the day! :)

Also just to stay true to why you started something. We can all get pulled in a million directions of ideas but we need to know our limits and check in with ourselves about how much we can and should truly take on.

What’s next on the plate for Le Petit Refuge?

Right now I am working with a few boutiques for wholesale orders. I am really excited about it and honestly have been too buy with these orders to think beyond that!!

Thank you Amanda!

If you’re looking for gentle, nourishing and best of all, handmade skin care goodies, you’ve got to check out Le Petit Refuge. Connect with Amanda at


Are you a work-at-home mom or mom with a business?

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