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Budget Style Tips for the WAHM: How to Dress Smart Without Busting the Bank


Earlier this month,  we’d talked about simplifying the work-at-home mom’s wardrobe. This month, with all the Spring fever going around, I’ve spent some time looking through my closet and identifying items that I absolutely love or loathe and have come up with some simple but effective budget style tips for the busy WAHM.

Yes,  in order to look smart, one does not have to break the bank. In fact, budget buys can be just as stylish and comfy for the work-at-home mama.

Here are simple budget style tips for  your WAHM wardrobe:

1. Know Your Style

First things first, know what your personal style is. Do you prefer comfy over chic? Or maybe both? Are you a jeans and tee mama or do you prefer dresses? Know your style and be comfortable with it. However, being ‘comfortable’ does not mean being shabby or sloppy. You can be dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and still look cool and classy.

2. Scout the Sales

My favorite place to find clothes I love is the Marks and Spencer Sale and the sale at Suvaasa for Indian ethnic wear. I love the clothes from both these stores for their style and fit, but would never, ever buy them at full-price. So, I visit the store, earmark my favorites and then, as soon as sale season starts, I can get them at 30% to 50% less! Do you have a favorite store with clothes that suit you and your style? Find out when they have their sales and then, mark your calendar accordingly.

3. Stick to Classics

Every wardrobe, regardless of personal style, needs some classics. A great handbag, chic sunglasses, the crisp white shirt or kurta, well-fitting blue jeans, pants and a great dress are just some of them. Classics make dressing up in a jiffy super easy. Just add the right accessories and you have a great outfit all ready.

What are the classics that your wardrobe needs?

4. Quality Over Quantity

I cannot stress this enough. It may be tempting to buy 5 pairs of ‘cheap’ t-shirts. After all, they’re cheap, right? But would you want to go out to the park with the kiddos in them? How long would they last? Will the color run? It makes more sense to spend a little more on quality and restrict the quantity for clothes that would last and look great.

5. Accessorize Smartly

A budget wardrobe does not have to be boring. You can add pizzazz to a plain outfit by pairing it with the right accessories. Chunky bracelets can dress up jeans and tees while chic earrings can make a simple kurta stylish.


What does your work-at-home wardrobe look like? What budget style tips can you share with us?


Photo Credit: Evelyn Giggles


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  1. I agree with you regarding the accessories part!! They can completely transform a plain outfit!

  2. Sometimes my work-at-home job takes me out to of the house to meet with clients, so I make it a point to invest in quality basics for this: basic neutral-colored dress; dark blue jeans worn with a classic white shirt, pumps/wedges, and my “signature” accessory (silk scarf); a variety of dolman-like, flowing tops that still allow me breastfeeding access (because I still breastfeed my son, sometimes while I’m on the go).

    At home, I make sure I can still wear clothes I can pop out of the house in. I like waiting for sales at Promod or Zara, which are my preferred style because they’re chic yet laid back. I like Marks & Spencer for good quality slacks and trousers, and I make sure to get a few pieces during sale season. But at home, my “go-to” wardrobe is usually a dolman paired with leggings, or a sundress. If I need to step out to go to the bank or store, I just slide some sandals on, get my bag and shades, and I’m ready to roll.

  3. I dress up according to my mood. Sometimes I want to dig in the rugged look, so I’ll don a pair of jeans and a shirt. When I feel like being feminine, I’ll wear a dress with matching heels. You can always change preferences right?

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Ana! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your style tips. And yes, you’re right. One can ALWAYS change preferences!

  4. Spot on! Loved all of your points especially buying quality over quantity. I’ve met so many moms who have a problem spending money on good fitting quality items for themselves. When you look good it helps you feel good too! So ditch the “mom” jeans and reclaim your sexy :-)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks, Golda! I know.. I battled with the quality-quantity thing myself. But really, good-fitting, quality clothes do all sorts of good things to your mood and personality. Glad you liked the post! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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