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{Ask the Readers} Simplifying the WAHM Wardrobe: How to Dress Smart When Working from Home

Working from home shouldn’t be an excuse to not dress up. You don’t have to pull out your party clothes and as I’d mentioned in my post on getting spiffy in a jiffy, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming as well.

However, as we head into Spring and I look at my closet, I realize I need some simplifying. My WAHM wardrobe is already quite basic but what I think it needs is more ‘co-ordination’ and a dash of style as well.

So, I’m reaching out to you for inspiration.

  • How do you keep a simple work-at-home wardrobe?
  • How do you dress smart yet simple?
  • Do you have ‘work’ clothes and ‘play’ clothes?
  • What are your absolute must-have items of clothing to make you feel pretty and yet not bust the bank?

You’re ALL amazing, busy work-at-home mamas and I’d love to learn with and from you.

So, please do share your tips, photos and ideas in the comments or on our Facebook page and I promise to share mine just as soon as I finish simplifying my WAHM closet!

Over to you…

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  1. I always take a shower in the morning. I cannot wake up or do my best writing unless I am cleaned up and ready to go for the day. I find my productivity is not the best if I am working in my pjs. I usually wear a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. (Not to dressy) :) I have four kids so I am always getting messy somehow. :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks for sharing Gina. I agree, showering first thing in the morning works best for me. Yes, dress shirts are good. I have t-shirts, but I feel somehow they’re too casual. :-)

  2. Apart from jeans and dress shirt, a tank top and cardigan combination works well for me. Nowadays the cardigans come in so many styles and color, it makes the dressing so interesting even if one has to wear them at home.

    I also love cotton kurta over jeans. Comfortable and classy. But it comes with the baggage of starching and maintenance/

  3. Marianne Peters says:

    Hi Prerna! I recently downsized my wardrobe. My family moved to a smaller, older house with fewer closets, so I had to make my clothing collection more manageable. (In fact, I wrote two articles about it on my blog recently if you want to check it out!).

    Most of the time I have a work “uniform” for days I’m writing at home: Oxford shirts and jeans. If I need to run errands, I can toss on a jacket or cardigan and loafers. For appointments or meetings, I usually wear black khakis instead of jeans. I rely a lot on accessories like scarves and earrings to change things up. I’m currently looking for some nice basic skirts to wear in the spring and summer instead of shorts or jeans. I’m a garden writer, so there are days when my work uniform is muddy boots, shorts, and an old t-shirt!

    I found that when I downsized, it helped to work from a list of the clothes I thought I’d need and use, rather than just pulling stuff out willy-nilly. I arranged the articles of clothing from my list on my bed, disposed of the stuff in my closet I didn’t want, and then put the listed clothes back in the closet. Lots of room now! Less to wear, for sure, but a simpler wardrobe and a simpler lifestyle. Most of my clothes are neutral colors, so they coordinate, and that gives me some options.

  4. I am bad around showering before I got to work . I often start my day at 4:30-5:00 am when I login into the call center. I work until 7am, when the kids get up to go to school. I get them out the door and then I exercise shower, dress and am back to work at 9am and work most days until 3pm. As far as wardrobeI keep it pretty casual unless I need to head out usually jeans and a sweatshirt or a long sleeve t shirt

  5. Here are my tips for a worry-free, WAHM wardrobe:

    1. Have quality basics on hand. A good pair of jeans in a dark color; basic trousers/slacks in black or khaki; crisp, tailored white dress shirt/blouse; a skirt that flatters your figure; pumps/heels that fit well and go with anything; accessories; a great handbag. You can combine, mix and match these for a number of different looks. These come in handy for me on days when my work takes me out of the house to meet clients.

    2. At home, dress comfortably but not drab. I find that loose, cotton pants (like the ones from Promod), sleeveless cotton blouses (those made of Indian cotton or hemp), and a nice pair of embellished sandals makes me feel relaxed, yet proper! On most days, I wear dolmans and dark leggings, which I can easily step out in if I need to pop out for errands.

    3. Keep your wardrobe stripped down. This is part of my “religion” when it comes to dressing up and keeping clothes. If I don’t use particular clothes for six months (unless they’re seasonal garments), I pare down my wardrobe and give those unused clothes away. I always have four to five quality trousers, two to three quality Oxford/dress shirts, a basic dress, and a good pair of heels that I can depend on.

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