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A Toy Story Birthday Party on a Shoestring Budget {How We Did It}

As I’d mentioned in my last post, we celebrated our daughter’s 4th birthday and she really wanted a Toy Story theme.

After doing some quick research and asking around, I found that getting Toy Story-themed decorations and party supplies was not only really difficult here in India but also frightfully expensive.

Did we really want to spend a grand on paper napkins? I mean, seriously people!

But we also really wanted to give her a Toy Story birthday, so we racked our brains and came up with a plan.

I did tell you, planning is key for birthday parties. **laughing**

Here’s how we pulled off a Toy Story birthday party on a fairly frugal budget:

The Toy Story-Theme Cake

Ooh, we LOVED the cake. Take a look, it is adorable. With Jessie and Woody on Andy’s bed, our daughter just squealed with delight when she saw it.

Courtesy, Divya of De Cakery, this gorgeous cake that was just as yummy to eat as it was to look at, we got the cake well within our budget. Couple of things that helped were our decision to have just a few characters instead of the whole Toy Story gang.

Manini just wanted Jessie, we got Woody too. Since the weight of the sugar characters adds to the weight of the cake and increases the overall cost, we could keep this down by just having 2 characters and a simple setting. Divya is awesome when it comes to design and detailing. She’ll give you great suggestions, send you neat sample photos and make the difficult task of choosing an option, relatively easy! Yes, she is quite the themed cake rockstar in my opinion!

Divya delighted us with her eye for detail and the scrumptiousness of the cake itself. Everyone, at the party, LOVED it. At 1300INR/kg, it was a steal. Want one for your next birthday party, call Divya at 8800339207 or mail her at divyasreeji(at)gmail (dot)com or head over to her FB page for more gorgeous options.

The Decorations

Now, I wasn’t going to spend a bomb on foil balloons for a Toy Story birthday party, that would only get ripped apart during the party. Since, we were having the party at Pizza Hut, we asked them to use the Toy Story colors – blue and green for the balloons. It was part of the package, so we didn’t have to pay anything for those.

Next, we got her a Toy Story piñata or Khoi as it is called here. It was hand painted and yet cost us just 200 INR or $4.

She loved those and didn’t even ask about anything else. Win!

Also, we’d bought a pack of temporary Toy Story tattoos at a Christmas fair last year and used those for all the kids. Yes, that’s Slinky on my li’l girl’s hand.  The tattoos were a hit!

The Favors

Finally, we wanted some Toy Story favors and again, budget was our consideration. Luckily, the lady we’d outsourced the piñata to came through for us here as well and got us some really cute Toy Story wallets and Toy Story light-up yo-yos, all well within our budget.

Putting It All Together

A themed birthday party does not mean having coordinated plates, paper napkins and decorations. If you have that, great. But if not, just a few key items can do the trick. The cake, a few decorations and fun favors are bound to be a hit with your child and what he or she would remember the most, along with all the fun that they had being surrounded by people they love.

Have you hosted a themed birthday party on a shoestring budget? What are your budget party planning tips?

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  1. Awesome post, Prerna! I love throwing parties as well, and on a limited budget, too. Wrote about that here:
    My top party planning tips?
    1. Plan early. Get quotes from different suppliers, ask for recommendations from friends, especially if you plan to have the party elsewhere, not home. (I’ve always had parties in my mom’s huge garden — savings on venue!)
    2. Budget early. I started planning my son’s birthdays parties months in advance so I could factor it into our budget, since it was an irregular expense. Nothing gets wasted then.
    3. Go DIY. I made most of the coordinated decorations, using construction paper, glue and string! This just entails a bit of creativity, because even the simplest decorations can be very pretty already.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Great tips, Martine:-) Thanks so much for sharing. I am a beginner DIY-er and so don’t take on a ‘biggie’ like a birthday:) Maybe next year!

  2. Really cute cake, Prerna! Wish I had such a talented (and affordable) cake artist close at hand. Looks like your daughter’s theme birthday party was a big success. Would you please verify the cost of the pinata? Do you mean $4 instead of $40?

    On a related note, thanks again for posting recently about GoGo Goodie Bags. We’ve got a party coming up in May and finding out about them makes selecting party favors much easier.

  3. Great post.

    I couldn’t agree with Martine and you more on this.

    Plan early , delegate, DIY (reuse/repurpose) are the key.

    Here is what we did for our son’s 3 Birthday party – A train themed party

    We also did a car theme party for his 4th birthday and he is still playing with his tracks that we created for it.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Anu! Thanks so much for sharing your birthday party posts! Heading over to check them out:-)

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