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Preschooler Play, Activities and Books for Valentine’s Day: Spread the Love with Your Toddler

This year, one of my goals is to create a more structured yet free-flowing learning environment for our soon-to-be-in-nursery preschooler. Have I had a lot of success? Not yet. But am working on it.

So, this week being the week before Valentine’s Day, I spent some time digging up activities, crafts, play themes and books that revolve around Valentine’s Day and spreads the love around. No, I’m not an inherently creative person. I need a LOT of inspiration. {My list of 30 awesome craft sites that I devour on a regular basis proves this!}

Here is my “structured yet free-flowing” preschool Valentine Day activities and  learning curriculum for my toddler:

1. Preschool Valentine’s Day Activities

I took one look at this Valentine’s Day Toddler Discovery Box and I knew I had to create it for my li’l girl.

One of my favorite sites, I Can Teach My Child had this Heart Breaker Number Game that I know will be perfect for revising her numbers and having fun at the same time. If we have the time, we may also do the Heart Capital and Lower Case matching activity , especially since she is working on lowercase alphabets these days.

2. Activities for Some Lovin’

Activities, such as cooking and baking, are again a big part of learning at our home and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make heart-shaped cookies now, could I? We’ll be using a basic sugar cut out cookie recipe from yes, Nigella Lawson’s cookbook,  How to be a Domestic Goddess and then, “painting” them with food coloring.

I also plan on giving her these heart-shaped cinnamon toasts, idea courtesy Valerie at Frugal Family Fun blog and maybe, some “hearty” pancakes in her lunchbox for more “love”.

3. Valentine-themed Crafts

Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog is also a HUGE source of instant inspiration for me with her simple, do-able and totally fun ideas. So, for craft, we will be making this heart-shaped garland/mobile and maybe these Easy Crazy Crayon Favors as well, if we can get a heart-shaped muffin tin. Else, we’ll go with these cute cards from Teach Mama for her preschool class.

4. Love ‘Em Books

No list for preschool Valentine’s Day activities is complete without reading, right? So,  I’m looking forward to getting a few Valentine’s Day-themed books from the library. If I don’t get Valentine-sy books, I’ll probably just get a few that are themed around love and loving.

Here’s my list:


What activities would YOU be doing this Valentine’s Day with your kids?

Photo Credit1:EvelynGiggles

Photo Credit 2: Doremi Girl

Photo Credit 3: Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog

Photo Credit 4: madgerly


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  1. Love these ideas, and those books are all new to me. Will have to keep my eyes open for them. :-)

  2. This is a very interesting activities for Valentines. I really like your idea and you are very creative . Thanks for for the post and advance happy valentines.

  3. Love these Valentines ideas!

  4. Some great ideas here and have really enjoyed visiting your blog! Thanks for sharing them with us over at Seasonal Celebration. If you want an email reminder each week click here
Rebecca x

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