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Father Daughter Time: Spendin’ a perfect Saturday Afternoon


We live in Gurgaon, which in the summer months (which, in turn, last about 6-7 months a year) can get searing hot and it’s only the advent of monsoon that brings some relief. Winter time, however, is our favourite season as a family.

Our daughter especially, loves the abundant amount of time that we spend in the park during winter months soaking up the winter sun and enjoying the crisp, cool weather.

Father Daughter Time for Sunny Saturdays

Saturday afternoons are father daughter time, for me and my 4-year-old to spend in the park while my wife catches up on some reading/downtime/housework.

Winter afternoons are perfect to play in the park for hours and one of our favourites is playing football. We spend at least an hour kicking ball and running around the park till we nearly drop dead!

Another of our recent favourite is the ‘Alligator’ game. We picked it from another family that we sometimes meet in the park on Saturdays. The ‘Alligator’ will eat anyone treading over grass in the park and the only way you can save yourself is by finding a piece of stone and stepping on it. We take turns being the ‘Alligator’ and it’s amazing how time flies in this lovely world of make-believe that father and daughter create.

Last weekend, we invited Prerna to come to the park with us and join the fun. We played our routine games and then our daughter got busy collecting leaves and some feathers and stacking them in her bicycle’s basket.


Apart from the games, swings & the slides, our daughter loves to meet new people.

During our walk down to the park she loves saying ‘hello’ and striking a conversation with other kids or even parents in our condominium campus. From finding out their names to asking them to join in our game of football, constant conversation is what she loves.

By the time we finish and head back home Manini insists that she’s not tired and negotiates on what we would do when we get back home. She makes an elaborate plan of what &who she will play with only to get back home and sleep for over 3 hours! **laughing**

Saturday afternoon has become our favourite part of the week. This weekend we plan to have our long overdue picnic in the park as well. Summer is fast approaching but like always will not last forever.

Do YOU have daughters? How do their dads spend father-daughter time with them?

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Mayank is married to Prerna Malik and is blessed to be working with her in their business, Social Media Direct. He and Prerna enjoy brainstorming content strategy and social media solutions for their clients.

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  1. Oh my, Manini is ADORABLE. I believe she and my son, Vito, would have a blast playing together. :)

    As for me and my husband (who also works from home), we have similar “downtimes” with our son. We like to go to the park on Saturday mornings so that Vito can run around as much as he pleases, then we have breakfast at the cafe in the park. We love it!
    Martine recently posted..10 Things I do to keep sane as a stay-at-home mom {Guest Post}

    • Hi Martine,

      Thanks you for sharing your weekend with Vito!

      Isn’t spending time with our kids the best :-)

      Enjoy the weekend :-)


  2. Your daughter is so beautiful! Father-daughter time in the park is priceless. Right now my husband is outside playing with our 2 kids in the snow. It always makes me smile. Such a lovely post! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
    Wendy Irene recently posted..Making Play a Priority

  3. What a beautiful post! She is blessed to have a Daddy like you – thank you so much for sharing. :-)
    Rivka recently posted..Book Review: Peep in the Deep Sea Creature Counting Book – by R. M. Smith

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