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Let’s Get to Know Each Other

January has been a VERY exciting month for The Mom Writes. We’ve had a TON of new readers subscribe (thank you Mogul Mom and Life as Mom!) and I’m totally looking forward to knowing you better.

Mosey over to the comments or simply, hit “reply” and introduce yourself by sharing your name, your blog or business and if you have any suggestions for the kind of posts you’d like to see more of, do leave those too.

Want to know me better? Ask away!

Look forward to getting to know you!

And, thank YOU for being a reader and a subscriber!

Now, head over to the comments and let’s get talking!



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  1. Hi. My name is Gina. I have a diaper cake business and I also cook, bake, and freelance write. My youngest son is autistic. He is my fire when I get discouraged working at home. Thanks for the post. Great idea!

  2. I’m Fab and my blog is Shocks and Shoes ( I’m a stay at home Mom and I love all the advice and tips you post on your blog. I think I’d like more articles on child rearing, particularly preschoolers, regarding discipline, activities, healthy snacks, good manners. Preschoolers can be quite a handful and good advice from sensible bloggers like you is always welcome!!

  3. Hi! I’m a longtime reader & RSS subscriber. I don’t comment much, though. Sorry! I’m a SAHM who works from home in the evenings (but only 2 hours a night — I don’t really qualify as WAHM!). I’m interested in knowing a little more about Prerna’s life in India — it seems so fascinating and exotic to me!

  4. I’m Martine, a work-at-home mom and a loyal reader of The Mom Writes. I love the tips for work-at-home moms that I find here. Hope to learn more about your day-to-day life, Prerna, especially on how you manage work with your toddler around, what it’s like to work in India, and how you were able to really establish yourself as an online professional. Be blessed!

  5. I’m Irma and new subscriber (via Mogul Mom). My business is My Marketing Company – geared towards business owners who want to start working “on” their business and not “in” their business. I was attracted to your blog because I needed advice on how to manage the SAHM/WAHM with two preschoolers in school MWF. There’s foundation building on the home front (read: routines) that you provide that I know will transcend to successfully launching my business. I’d like to continue reading about balancing work and home and receive your affirmations that help me realize I am not alone. :) Many thanks!!

  6. My name is Rivka and I am a big fan of Prerna and all her wonderful tips and advice! Not sure where exactly I found your blog, but so glad I did. :-)

    All you other moms out there might be interested in checking out my site Each book review for the toddler/preschool age group comes complete with activity ideas, reading tips, and more. It is much more than just a synopsis, but a full guide to having fun with the book! We also run regular book give-aways and other fun things, so if you are looking for more things to do with your children, you will definitely want to take a look.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you and your readers better, Prerna. I’m Crystal and I just launched my new proofreading services site, In addition to hearing more about your life in India, I’d be interested in a few simple social media tips. Also, I’ve really enjoyed your husband’s posts and look forward to reading more from him in the future.

  8. Hi! I am Swapna, a stay at home mom and a newbie blogger. I love all the blogging and writing tips that Prerna has on this blog and would love to read more about how she manages her WAHM life and SAHM responsibilities. Prerna if possible do a post about how you got into writing and made a successful venture out of it over the years. Thanks and cheers. :)

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