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{Holiday Gift Guide} Gifts for YOU: Presents to Make the Life of a Work-at-Home Mom Easier and Better

Gifts for YOU: Presents for Work-at-Home Mom

I was inspired by this post on one of my favorite writing blogs – Men with Pens to come up gifts that I, as a work-at-home mom, would love to receive. These are gift ideas that every work-at-home mom would love to have regardless of what they do. These are gifts that nurture you, as a person and professional. These are presents that YOU give yourself. So, don’t wait for someone to gift them to you this holiday season, go get’ em for yourself and watch the difference they make to your life.

1. Gift Yourself Good Health

Yes, taking care of our health should be right on top of our wishlist. How can you take care of yourself better? By exercising more? Eating healthy? Doing both? Whatever you need to do to take care of your health, gift yourself that.

Whether it is a DVD for working out at home or a membership to the gym, get it and put it under the tree. If a personal trainer is what you think would best suit you, find one and sign up for classes. I’ve been working out twice a week with Teri Jory of Poise Productions and it has been the best “gift” ever.

If eating healthy is going to be your gift to you, buy a couple of good cookbooks or better still, get some real food eBooks. I totally recommend Katie Kimball’s eBooks for healthy eating.

2. Gift Yourself a “Real” Business Presence

Work-at-home moms deserve the gift of being perceived as “real” entrepreneurs and not as hobbyists. There’s nothing wrong with being a hobbyist but if a business is what you want, then, time to gift yourself a business-like presence. Do you have a solid website that talks about what you do? If not, hire yourself a designer who can help. I totally recommend Revka Stearns who’s helped me put together both this site and the business site for Social Media Direct.

Do you have business cards and stationery that are tied in with your brand image? Do you have a workspace (even if it is a desk in the kitchen!)? Do you need the gift of a VA to save yourself from being drowned in administrative tasks? Does your business need a stronger social presence? Talk to a social media manager {hint, hint!}.

Bottom line: Find that one gift that can help you be a better business person and then, work out a way to gift yourself that.

3. Gift Yourself an Organizer

This will be my gift to myself for sure. I love using organizers and while thankfully, I have Jessica’s Organizing Life as Mom to keep me on track as a home manager; for our business, I’m choosing one from Invite.L . Not only are their planners and diaries super easy to use, but they’re affordable (well under $25!) AND they offer FREE worldwide shipping. That is just sweet!

4. Gift Yourself a Mentor

A mentor or a coach is a must-have for anyone who wants to move ahead in the world of business and entrepreneurship. I’ve been blessed to have mentors like Angela England who walked me through the initial days of freelance writing and business blogging. This year, I’ve been even more fortunate to have another awesome entrepreneur and blogger as my mentor. The gift of a mentor or a business coach can do your business all sorts of good. So, look around and find someone who’d understand you, your business and your unique challenges and help you move forward.

5. Gift Yourself Me-Time

Again, a gift from my personal list. I will be giving myself more me-time. You know, time to head to a salon for a pampering facial, time to curl up in bed and read a book, time to just sit in the living room and sip a cup of coffee, in peace. Yes, it means that I will have to make some changes but then, this gift will free up my mind so that I can think better and when you think better, you do much better. So, if you want to gift yourself something that doesn’t cost a dime, gift yourself some me-time. Totally recommend it.

6. Gift Yourself A Business Library

Yet another one of my favorites. I love to read. Books open up our minds to possibilities and potential. Whether you join a lending library, buy eBooks or audiobooks or invest in the real paper books, the choice is yours but if you want to experience more growth and productivity in your business, it is time to gift yourself a book.

One of the easiest ways for me to decide which business book to read is to visit the blogs of people I admire. Most of them recommend books and some of them have even written a few of their one. Bam! I have a great biz-related reading list ready.

Some of my favorites that I totally recommend are The Four Hour Work Week, The Well-Fed Writer and of course, my library of free eBooks.


What gift would YOU be gifting YOURSELF this year?


Photo Credit: Andy Mangold


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