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{Holiday Gift Guide} Gifts to Give Your Toddler’s Teachers on Christmas and Other Special Days


As the mom of a high-on-energy-always-asking- preschooler, I’m forever grateful to her teachers at her playschool for being who they are. Loving, gentle, enthusiastic and always delighted to welcome my daughter to school in the morning. In fact, they’re SO fantastic with her, that she hates taking a day off from school, calls them up during school breaks and is always talking about them at home.

Yes, I am deeply thankful for my daughter’s teachers and so it is only natural that this gift guide would include some sweet, thoughtful gift ideas that your preschooler can make or decorate to present to his or her favorite teacher.

Photoframes Make Great Teacher Gifts

I love the “Best Teacher” photo frames. It may seem cheesy but add a photo of your toddler and the teacher, have your toddler write a personal note and you have a great gift. Some of my faves include this Teacher’s Apple Photo Frame from Burton and Burton as well as the Apples and Books Teacher Photo Frame from the same folks.

And if you’re the creative sort, you can easily make your own photo frames using a ceramic pen and plain ceramic photo frames from the Dollar Store.

Homemade Goodies are Always Welcome Gifts for a Teacher

Since my toddler and I are SO fond of baking, our plan is to make a basket of assorted cookies, tie a big ribbon around it, add a handwritten (rather, scribbled) note and present it to her teacher. However, you could do the same with cake, brownies, Christmas cookies or even, small jars filled with pickles and chutneys.

Personalized Totes to Brighten a Teacher’s Day

I think every teacher would love a cool or quirky tote to carry her school stuff in. You could even go with a fun, colored basket for her to put stationery and supplies in and place it on her desk or shelf. Muddy Princess has a great tutorial  and so does Destri from The Mother Huddle for anyone who’s crafty and good with needle and thread!

Handprint Gifts for Teachers

This is another idea I intend to explore when putting together a teacher gift. While this handprint quilt for a teacher  is an awesome idea, I’m not that ambitious. You could also do a handprint magnetic wreath or even a desk set, consisting of a pencil holder and notes box. For this super-easy craft project, just take an empty tea bag box for the notes box and an empty, clean can for a pencil holder. Get your toddler to dip her palms in paint and make handprints on a large sheet of white or light-colored paper. Then, just wrap the container in that paper and voila, personalized desk set ready in next to no time.


What would you be gifting your preschooler’s teacher this year?


Photo Credit: Zhao!


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