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Green and Frugal Gifts for the {Un}Productive Person in Your Life

Green and Frugal Gifts for the Productive Person

We all know someone who is either super-organized and on top of things, all the time or completely disorganized and in need of some gentle guidance towards productivity and organizing living. Yes, I can see you nodding. We all do know someone who can benefit from the gift of productivity.

So, as part of our Green and Frugal Holiday Gift Guide 2011, here are 7 great gift ideas (including a couple that are FREE!) to help a friend or family member keep track of time, dates, appointments, to-dos and basically, get things done:

1. The Lifephoto Photo Calendar – FREE until December 31, 2012

That’s right. This is a great, personalized, FREE gift that can make a world of difference to someone who is always forgetting dates, appointments, birthdays and anniversaries. Read my review here and then, get yours for FREE on the Lifephoto Facebook page! If you need more than one, a photo wall calendar starts at just $15! Check out the sizes and designs on the Lifephoto website.

2. The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss at ARV $12.98

This is a book that can truly change your life. It has been on my nightstand for months now and every time I read it, I learn something new. It is truly a book that lives up to its promise of helping you improve the way you work, do business, play and basically, live. Yes, it is a great gift for anyone who wants to be productive and happy doing what they love.

3. Getting Things Done by David Allen at ARV $16

Again, a great book for anyone wanting to cross thing off their to-do lists, set goals, stay focused, plan projects and stop feeling overwhelmed by everything that life throws at you.

4. A Planner to Keep Things Organized

There are SO many available, so depending upon who you’re buying the gift for you can choose from:

  • Organizing Life as Mom –ARV $ 9.00. My go-to resource for creating a one-stop home management solution. This 173-page planning eBook is a great gift for stay-at-home-moms, work-at-home moms, blogging moms, homeschooling moms, all moms. Read my review here and get yours at the FishMama store!
  • Lifephoto Photo Day Planner –ARV  $20.15. A basic but fun day planner to help you keep track of appointments and important events. A great gift for an aunt, uncle or grandparent who’d enjoy looking at the photos while planning their day. Read my review here and order yours at the Lifephoto online store.
  • Moleskine 2012 12-Month Community Weekly Planner –ARV $11.53. Looking for something more subtle and professional? You can’t go wrong with this Moleskine, a very popular planner that is perfect for viewing the week at a glance. Available in plenty of elegant designs and colors (including red!), this is a favorite planner for most productive people, including Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

5. The Brother Family Labeler at ARV $34.99

Being organized and productive means knowing where everything goes. A labeler is a must-have for anyone wanting to save time hunting for files, craft supplies, stationery or spices! This cute little labeler from Brother is handy, portable and allows you to add Time and Date as well so that you can keep track of leftovers, batteries and other “dated” items. Plus, it also has patterns that lets you create some fun-looking labels!

6. Natico Large Display Alarm Clock at ARV $30.00

Want to keep track of time? Get an alarm clock. This one from Natico also shows you the temperature and the date, making it perfect for a small desk as well.

7. To-Do List and Task Management Application – ARV FREE

If you know someone who has a tough time remembering to-dos and is often on a smartphone or laptop, create a FREE account on one of the awesome to-do and task management sites and gift them the ID and Password. Trust me, it is a free gift that can change someone’s life. A few to choose from include: Remember the Milk,, Toodledoo and Tadalist. Most can easily be synced with an iPhone or Droid making it easy for your loved one to stay productive and focused on the go as well.


Who would you be gifting the gift of productivity this holiday season?


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