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{Holiday Gift Guide} 10 Great Green and Frugal Gifts for Writers and Bloggers

10 Great Green and Frugal Gifts for Writers and Bloggers

This is a blog written by a mom who writes, so there had to be a collection of gifts that you can give the writers and bloggers you know. Trust me, I’m sure you know someone who’d love to receive these. {hint, hint**laughing**}

1. A Smart Laptop Sleeve on sale at $19.99 (original $29.99)

We all love our gadgets and for me, my laptop is precious. After all, it is what we use to share our thoughts, ideas, words, pictures and more. So, gift your favorite blogger a smart laptop sleeve that makes it easy to stow away the laptop once work is done, is easy to carry around and looks stylish too.

2. Earplugs to Make Listening to Podcasts Easier at well under $20

Most bloggers and writers tune into music or podcasts when they’re writing or networking and quite a few of them, work during hours when the baby naps or the family sleeps. So, earphones are particularly handy when you want to listen to something without waking up a sleeping baby or the household.

3. Earwarmer Headphones for Snuggly Listening at $34.95

If you really want to pamper a favorite blogger or writer, consider these earwarmer headphones. I think they’re super-cool (warm, actually!) and will make listening to all forms of audio even more pleasurable.

4. Laptop Stand for Easy Typing on sale at $17.88 (original) $29.99

Typing can be tiring. Yes, I know. So, this laptop stand is perfect for someone who spends long hours at the laptop. Plus, it has an in-built “fan” that cools the laptop as well. My husband uses this and loves it.

5. Personalized Journal or Notebook for Jotting Down Ideas

A notebook is a must-have for every writer or blogger. I love jotting down ideas, to-dos and more in my notebook as well as actually take notes when listening to a podcast or reading a particularly informative post. While I’m using the photo notebook from Lifephoto (starting at $5!), any personalized or pretty notebook such as this one made of tree-free, handmade paper will brighten up a blogger’s day.

6. A Blog Planner to Make Blogging Easier

I am a HUGE fan of Jessica’s eBook/planning resource that now comes with a Blogger Pack Add-on (at $5!) and can make a blogger’s life SO much more organized and easier. However, there are free planners also available such as these by Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing. Print them off, spiral bind them and voila, great stocking stuffer idea. For free.

7. Make Listening to Music Fun with an iPod Shuffle on sale at $45.35 (original $49.00)

Want to get your favorite writer something fun to listen to? Check out the cute iPod Shuffle with upto 15 hours of battery life, 2GB of storage and a built-in clip that makes it perfect for on-the-go moms who blog.

8. Gift Certificates to their Fave Coffee Place

Now this is a gift after my own heart. I think it would be awesome if someone would gift me 12 (a year’s worth) gift certificates to my fave coffee place. I love my java and have found that just sippin’ on it clears my head, motivates me and spurs me to action. Yes, seriously. So, if you know of a blogger who loves her cuppa java, get her a year’s worth of coffee. You could either buy her a big bag of coffee beans with a special blogger mug or just get gift certificates to their favorite coffee place.

9. Buy an eBook or Product They’ve Created

Most bloggers create eBooks or products that they think will be useful for their readers. They’re right. I’ve found the most value out of eBooks that I’ve bought or received from bloggers like Jessica Fisher, Angela England, Rachel Meeks, Mandi Ehman, Katie Kimball, Heather Allard, Felicia Williams and others. So, if you know of a blogger who’s spent endless hours to create a product or eBook that can help you or a loved one, give both of them a gift and buy it.

10. Shop from Amazon Using Their Link

Finally, want to help a blogger make some money this holiday season? Do your holiday shopping from their blog’s Amazon link. You get to save some bucks shopping from Amazon and your favorite blogger will make a little something as well. Win-win!

Do you have more blogger/writer gift ideas? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list!


Photo Credit:Mike Licht


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  1. An awesome list with great ideas, Prerna! Thanks for the great ideas!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thank you Martine! Would you be getting a bloggy gift for yourself? I know I would. Nothing like pampering the self:-)

  2. What a GREAT list of super stuff for the blogger! Thanks, Prerna…your level of research is beyond compare.

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