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Planning for Peaceful Days…All The Time


Planning for Peaceful Days

The following is a guest post from Jessica of Life as Mom:

I was struck the other day when I read these words by my friend Jamie, “Choose peace over productivity. Peace is the goal of our days.

Her words are so wise and worthy of following. I am a busy mom of six children whom I teach at home. I tackle kindergarten, second grade, fourth grade, sixth grade, and ninth as well as keep a busy preschooler from burning down the house.

Peace is, most certainly, the goal of my days.

And not just household peace, but inner peace. I am not restful if there are nagging thoughts, bored children, or messy laundry piles. While I don’t have this all figured out, I do have one thing, besides God, that is an anchor to my days: my household notebook.

I know, that seems odd. But, really, it is my brain on paper {Note from Prerna: I can attest to this for myself as well!}. It helps me track our appointments, my to-do list, my meal plan, and my writing assignments. It helps me find peace, and on lucky days, productivity, too.

Here is a snapshot of how keeping a command central, household notebook, brain on paper, makes planning for peaceful days possible:

Making Room in the Calendar

My family’s calendar is with me — always. I can look at the days of the month and see by the blanks and the filled spots where and when we need to slow down. If I’ve got more than two squares that pull us away from home in a week, I know that I need to operate differently that week.
I need to plan easy meals and pack picnic lunches, make sure I’m caught up on laundry at the start of the week, or even cancel a few commitments to give us more breathing space.

Making the Most of Little Moments

Last week I found myself waiting for an appointment. Since I had my notebook with me, I also had my contacts list as well as a few greeting cards. I was able to make the most of an otherwise boring wait and write my brother a birthday greeting as well as send cards to my sister, my nieces, and two friends.

The wait became peaceful because I was spending it in a meaningful way.

Making Sure My Priorities are In Line

Since I have a goal section of my notebook, I regularly take time each month to think through my different roles as a wife, mother, friend, daughter. I reflect on the past month and pray over how I want to grow and change in the coming weeks. I find peace because I’m being honest with myself and committing those plans to God.

I’ve written several ebooks, specifically designed to help moms plan their days peacefully, with and without their children.

Organizing Life as Mom is a primer for creating your own household notebook. It provides a number of printable planning pages to build a customized planner to fit you and your family. Trying to adapt a premade planner can be stressful. Make it fit you. {Note from Prerna: Again, I have forever attested to the “fantastic-ness of this planner. Read my raving review here}

The Summer Survival Guide is another tool for parents to actively engage with their children in a meaningful way through crafts, activities, books, and film. While it is designed with summer in mind, the different units can be adapted for any time of year, particularly gloomy, bad weather winter days. {Read review}

When life is in chaos around me, it’s hard to make peace the priority. And while a “to do” list can
sometimes enslave us, it can often free us. Having a plan can enable us to put things in their proper places and enjoy those that matter most to us in life.

About the Author:  Mother of six, Jessica Fisher writes about parenting hacks at Life as Mom and posts delicious ways to act your wage at Good Cheap Eats. She is also the author of Organizing Life as MOM – a 170+ page e-guide complete with customizable planning pages and inspiration for home management. A homeschooling add-on is also available.

Top Image Credit: D. Sharon Pruitt

Other Images Credit: Jessica Fisher


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