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Announcing The Mom Writes Green and Frugal Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Announcing The Mom Writes Green and Frugal Holiday Gift Guide 2011

I’m SO excited about this.

You know how shopping for Christmas and holiday gifts can be SO difficult, right? And that is why each year, I would appreciate the holiday gift guides put up around the blogosphere.

Even though I couldn’t buy most of the stuff, because shipping overseas can be quite expensive, looking at various Gift Guides would give me an idea of what to get my daughter and husband from the local market.

So this year, I thought of doing the same for all of you and putting together a ***drum roll please*** Green and Frugal Gift Guide, that would showcase gift ideas that are either Eco-friendly or Economical or both. Yay!

Along the way, we’ll have some giveaways as well, so stay tuned!

So, here’s what would be in the Green and Frugal Gift Guide:

Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Gifts for Writers and Bloggers

Gift Ideas for Preschool Teachers

Gifts for the Work-at-Home Mom

Gifts for Dads and Husbands

Gifts for Wanna-Be Productive People

Gifts for Home Managers

Best Gift Ideas for Serenity and Stress-Free Living

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Anyone and Everyone

All gifts included would be either eco-friendly or well, under $50, making them affordable and safe for the planet too. That’s what a simple, peaceful holiday is all about – saving money and the Earth. Yay!

Plus, and here’s the best part, I would be putting together the entire guide into a FREE download for all of you so that you can refer to it when looking for birthday gifts, anniversary presents and more, all through the year. B’cos, a girl does need inspiration when buying gifts that are green and inexpensive, right?

So, bookmark this post and come back to visit it, often.

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  1. Looking forward to the guide, Prerna – I’ve about exhausted all my frugal ideas:)

  2. Priya Arun says:

    Hi Prerna,

    Really like your posts for your style of writing and also the content. Keep up the good work.. Really looking forward to the gift ideas. Can you also include some gifts for the elderly too ?

    Take Care,
    Priya Arun

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