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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter: Stay Warm and Prepare to Enjoy the Holidays

Stay Warm and Prepare to Enjoy the Holidays

I’m all energized and recharged as we enter October. Why? Because winters are close by and there is something about the cool, crisp, chilly weather that just fills me with energy and enthusiasm.

So, as we prepare for Diwali, here in India, I’m also preparing to welcome winter at our home.

Here’s how:

Welcoming Warmth

For me winters is all about snuggling in a quilt with my toddler and a good book, sipping on homemade hot chocolate and enjoying the warmth of the winter sunshine from our HUGE glass windows.

So, I make sure that as we enter October, I:

  • Give quilts and blankets for drycleaning and air them out as well to get rid of musty smells and dust mites.
  • Make sure that the electric geysers in the bathrooms are in perfect working condition.
  • Clean windows and change the window coverings. The rooms that get the most sunlight get dark yet bright shades while the others get lighter, cheerier colors that match the overall palette of the room.
  • Stock up on cooking chocolate, honey, powdered jaggery and walnuts for homemade hot chocolate, walnut cakes and other winter sweet treats.

Preparing for Festivity and Celebrations

Yes, Christmas is in December but Diwali is in October, so I have to make sure that the house is ready for entertaining and celebrating. My to-dos for the first week of October look something like this:

  • Deep clean all rooms.
  • Bring out the special bed, bath and table linen. Check to make sure its in order – stains, rips, looks.
  • Check wardrobe for winter evening wear.
  • Plan Diwali dinner. Send out invites.
  • Buy and wrap Diwali gifts. Stash away.
  • Buy and wrap Christmas gifts. Stash away. Yes, I don’t shop twice for presents. Buying for both occasions usually works out better in terms of time, money and energy.
  • Check to see if we have enough oil lamps for Diwali. Check to see if fairy lights are working and are enough for the front of the house. Diwali is the festival of lights but I still want to save energy but not using too many.

How do you prepare your home for the winters and the festivity this season brings?

Photo Credit: siddhu2020


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