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Festive Décor Inspiration: Decorating Tips and Ideas for the Holiday Season

Decorating Tips and Ideas for the Holiday Season 2

As we gear up to celebrate Diwali, here in India, I’ve been really busy trying to add a festive touch to our home without busting the bank . And as usual, I headed to my favorite source of inspiration – the Internet.

Join me as I share some of my favorite picks on festivizing (yeah, totally made that up) my home décor and adding a splash of warmth from across the blogosphere:

Simple Tips to Switch Décor with the Seasons:  Some basic tips to change décor with the season.

Turn Your Home Into a Winter Retreat : Cozy up the home for the holidays with these easy-to-do décor ideas.

Have a White Winter Home:  Simple ideas if you want a white Christmas!

Pinkin’ it Up: Came across this post while hunting for ways to “pinken” my toddler’s room without it being too pink. Yeah, I know, I’m hard to please **laughing**

Festive Décor Inspiration { Indian Ethnic}: This is a recent favorite of mine and I enjoy the beautiful photos and practical ideas that Archana has to share. Check it out!

Diwali Décor: Again from Archana’s archives, these offer plenty of inspiration for holiday décor, not just Diwali.

Diwali Décor Ideas :Love this new online magazine that I came across. Lots of photos, practical ideas, great read.

Christmas Decorating from BHG : One of my all time fave magazines (that I read online), offers simple ways to bring in the season to be jolly and joyous.

Christmas with Martha : Another favorite shows how to DIY everything that you’d ever think of when it comes to Christmas. From cookies to stocking to wreaths, you’ll get it all here.

How would you be decorating the home for the holidays this year? Diwali? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Do share your décor inspiration, tips and ideas in the comments.

Photo Credit: Swaminathan


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  1. An advanced Happy Diwali, Prerna! I know how special this day is; growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore (where it was called Deepavali), it was celebrated in school every year in honor of our Indian classmates. I went to British international schools in both countries, and we always celebrated events from different countries! I remember Diwali being super colorful in school, and our Indian clubs would always have a special performance on the week of Diwali–no school, of course, on the actual day!

    I wish you and yours a most blessed season filled with love and light! Happy Diwali! :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Martine, thank you SO much for the wishes and for sharing your own experience with Diwali. We actually celebrate all the festivals here in India, since I’m married to a Hindu, was born a Christian and practice Buddhism principles:-) Thanks once again and I hope you can one day visit India during Diwali to actually see it all first-hand.

  2. It is getting to be that time of year where I need to start watching Martha again for some great holiday fun! Thanks for reminding me :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Wendy, yeah. I know. As soon as Octobe rolls around, I start looking around for ideas and inspiration. How have you been? What plans for the holidays?

  3. Useful set of links! I’m looking forward to trying some of the ideas in them. One thing I always do is use essential oils to add festive smells to Xmas trees, greeting cards, wrapping paper, even logs for the fire. Thanks for sharing

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