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Simplifying Home by Making Stuff Do Double Duty

Simplifying Home by Making Stuff Do Double Duty

One of the best and worst parts of living in an apartment is – storage or the lack of it.

What, you may want to know, is the best part about lack of storage?

It inspires you to think out-of-the-box and find multiple uses for the same things.

Let me explain, how I simplify life in our 2-bedroom apartment by making things do double duty:

Unusual Toy Storage Solutions

Toddlers have toys. They need them. Moms need a place to stash those toys. While I’d love to have a closet for my toddler’s toys, it ain’t happening. So, I use:

Plastic zippered bags to stash smallish toys in.

A spare laundry basket holds plush toys.

Toy buckets that my toddler uses to mop the floor with during pretend play hold her cricket bat, and other random toys.

A toy buggy is used to hold her collection of small cars.

Bathroom Storage Made Simple

Do you have an empty basket lying around? Great! Use it to corral all your makeup and toiletries. Turn a spare plastic tub into a laundry basket. Cloth bags behind the door hold magazines and bathroom reading material. No need for a magazine rack!

Double Duty Decor

While I am no interior decorating expert., I enjoy making things do double duty as decor items. Stacks of heavy books used as a side table or an old storage trunk used as a coffee table are some of my personal favorites.

More Ways to Make Things Do Double Duty

Glass Jars – This post will help you use all those spare glass jars while storing things neatly.

Cloth Bags, Egg Cartons and More – This post will help you reuse everyday essentials, such as wastepaper baskets, cheese tins, toilet paper rolls easily while creating more storage solutions.

Shoebox Storage – Learn about how I use shoeboxes to store office stationery in and get some more double duty storage ideas as well.

 How do you make things do double duty in an apartment?


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  1. Good suggestions, Prerna. When my mom moved to a much smaller place, she stored a bunch of her books and other stuff in plastic tote boxes and used them as a platform for her bed, which created a lot of storage space and eliminated the box spring and bed frame. And if you label them, you can just slide out one box to get what you need without disturbing the mattress. Another idea I like is filling decorative pillow covers with extra linens or out of season clothing.

  2. This is a wonderful suggestion, very helpful indeed. Now I can make a spacious cabinet. Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. Amie Warren says:

    The best thing ever invented was those hammocks for stuffed animals. My sister’s daughter refused to ever give up any stuffed animals, so they all went up near the ceiling in the hammock.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      LOL.. Amie, you’re right! Those hammocks are a great idea.. Hmm, must get me some.. I’m sure one can use them to stash books as well as put them up in the laundry room to hold clean clothes and clear up floor space as well.. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I recently read an article about putting shelving above doorways, as it is just unused space. I might try it my daughters room — 2 daughters share a very small room with no closet. It is becoming very challenging!!

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