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Wanna Write an eBook That Rocks? Learn How with Angela England {Review}


Have you ever bought an eBook only to feel that you’ve been oversold and under-delivered to? Yeah, I’ve been there quite often.

 So, it is natural that when you sit down to write your own eBook, you want it to be perfect, real value and an absolute rock star, right? But how do you do that?

a) You go by your gut feel and trust your instincts

b) You hire a writing coach, spend a lot of money and manage to maybe, churn out a winner.

c) You get yourself an eBook that shows you how and one that delivers what it promises.

For my next eBook, I’m going to go with Option C.

As much as I’d like to trust my gut and have done so in the past, I also need some strategic guidance especially if I wanna sell some copies and while I do intend spending money, I usually like to explore the more cost-effective route.

30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook

So, I was thrilled when my friend, guide and super writer Angela England decided to write an eBook on well, writing and selling a fabulous eBook in 30 days. Right from draft to launch to setting up affiliates and more, she covers it all. Whew!

Join me as I review her eBook and get ready to launch one of my own.

52-Pages of Actionable Steps

The eBook has 52-pages that starts with figuring out what to write about, creating a working title, outlining and subtopics and moving on to actual writing.

Angela, then, talks about pricing your eBook, creating a landing page, adding images, getting testimonials, designing the eBook and lots more.

Essentially, she walks you through every little step that is involved in writing eBooks that knock the socks off!

Expert Advice and Everyday Actions

Not only does Angela give you advice based on her vast experience with writing value-for-money eBooks, she’s included expert advice  and inputs in nearly every chapter from known names (including yours truly on Page 30!) in the industry.

Plus, while each chapter is short and sweet, it has an action step or Homework for you to do that day. And then, she follows it up with a section for Notes. So, if you like jotting down thoughts that come to mind, you don’t need a separate notepad for that.

I, personally, love eBooks that show you what to do instead of just telling you, don’t you?

A Social eBook?

What I love about the 30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous eBook is that it has a forum attached to it. Yes, that’s right. It is a social eBook. Love that!

So, when you buy the eBook, you have access to the Type-A Parent eBook Forum that allows you to ask questions, get inputs from others and basically, benefit from group feedback and learning. And big bonus, you get direct access to Angela’s expertise and advice too.

Total Value for Money

At $11.99, this is one eBook that is total value for money because not only will you be learning how to write a “fabulous” eBook, you’ll probably end up earning back the cost of this eBook from your first sale itself.

Moreover, you’ll get to connect with Angela and other writers just like you at the Type A Parent eBook Forum.

Here’s a little blogger history for you:

When I started out writing, Angela’s eBook was the first one I ever bought and used straight off.

Her advice on pitching magazines in that eBook helped me land my 1st print article in Child (the Indian edition of Parents magazine) and also, helped me sharpen my writing skills and boost my productivity.

Plus, being the generous soul she is, I got a FREE 30-minute consultation with her as well.

In other words, it was total buck for the bang.

With this eBook, she’s gone one step ahead and created a value-packed resource along with a forum that gives you, the writer/reader, direct access to her. I think that is just awesome. And incredibly generous too!

Write Your Own eBook…With Me

Join me as I get ready to put all of Angela’s tips into action for my next eBook. I have 2 in the pipeline and an idea brewing for a third. I plan on launching all of them together.

For the 3rd eBook, I’m going to take 30 days to write and launch it using Angela’s steps and I’d love for you to join me.

Instead of sharing daily posts, which would be too overwhelming for you and time-consuming for me, I’ll give you weekly updates and swap notes with those of you who’re also on the same path.

So, whether you want to write a free eBook or a paid one, I hope that you check out 30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous Ebook and join me in writing one of your own next month.

Disclaimer: The Mom Writes received a copy of the ebook for purpose of review. No other compensation was received. However, this post contains affiliate links and every purchase that you make through those links will help support this site.


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  1. Prerna, thanks so much for this review. This sounds like a terrific resource for new eBook writers. All the best with your three eBooks! “;o)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Beth, you’re most welcome and so glad you liked the review. Yes,the eBook is a great resource and what makes it really special is that you have Angela to walk you throught the process. Literally. :-) Thank you for your wishes!

  2. I bought this eBook a few weeks ago when I started to write my first eBook and I LOVED it! It is so step by step and Angela is always available if you have questions. I totally suggest if you are even curious about writing and selling an ebook to get this!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Annie! Thank you SO much for sharing your review. I am delighted to hear that you found it useful. How is it going with the eBook? Is it ready for launch yet? Do keep us posted!

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