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Videos for Toddlers: Add Some Pocoyo Fun to Your Preschooler’s Library {Review and Giveaway}

Videos and TV time for my toddler is a regular part of her day. She enjoys loves watching Barney, CBeebies, educational DVDs like Baby Genius and the occasional animated movie, like Ratatouille and Toy Story ( by the way, her fondness for Toy Story makes for a whole other post!). I am okay with it since it is all kid-friendly, is monitored and gives me a break too, especially on rainy days!

So, when I was asked to review a new animation series called Pocoyo,that’s only just launched in India,  I was curious. Would it meet with my daughter’s approval. Would she sit through it or want to switch to an old favorite?

Read on to find out:

Adorable Characters to Win a Toddler’s Heart

The Pocoyo series consist of Pocoyo, a cute, curious little boy and his friends – Elly the elephant, Pato, Loula and Sleepy Bird. All the characters are as cute as cute can be and naturally win a preschooler’s heart. My daughter, I think, fell in love with them when she saw them on the cover. They’re that cute. But I was still apprehensive. After all, she hadn’t heard them. Would she enjoy them more than her “Stooo-pendous” purple dinosaur?

Short, Simple Sentences Perfect for Preschoolers

I shouldn’t have been worried. The DVDs have a clear, easy-to-understand voiceover that interacts with Pocoyo and his friends and narrates what they feel, want, and do. Both she and I loved it. The sentences are short and simple enough for a toddler to understand, repeat and follow and makes watching the DVDs a real delight!

But does she really learn anything from this? I mean, I do have to thank BBC and Barney for reinforcing numbers, alphabets and rhymes, so what would she learn from this li’l blue guy? Read on..

Teaching Kids About Friendship, Fun and Family

Plenty, it seems! Pocoyo DVDs each have themes. Currently, five of them have been launched in India and I got to review 3 of them – Meet Pocoyo, Friendship and Fun and Dance with Pocoyo. All of them have short episodes dealing with a particular concept or value and makes learning for toddlers easy and fun.

For instance, in the Friendship DVD, there is the really sweet episode titled Whale’s Birthday. In it, all three characters get together to take a present each for whale who lives in the ocean. Since the birthday is in the water, by the time they reach their presents have either been washed out or eaten by another fish. Sad and disappointed, they tell whale that they don’t have a present. Whale, however, gives each of them a big, whaley, smack of a kiss and is just happy that they’re there for his birthday. Message – Friends don’t need gifts, they just need each other. Isn’t that lovely?!

Each DVD similarly has several short episodes and you can regulate TV time by letting your toddler watch one or two (okay, maybe three) episodes at one go. The entire DVD is around 70 minutes long.

I totally recommend Pocoyo and friends and am happy to have them in my toddler’s video library.Find out more about Pocoyo  and the Learning with Laughter DVD series at the Radical Entertainment website or the official Pocoyo website.

Buy Pocoyo!!


Win It!

Want to add some Pocoyo fun to your child’s video library. Radical Entertainment India has generously agreed to give away copies of Pocoyo DVDs to India-based readers of The Mom Writes.

So, FIVE lucky readers will win a Pocoyo DVD each!

Here’s how to enter:

Tell me about your child’s favorite toon character.

Additional Entries:

Follow The Mom Writes on Twitter

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Tweet about the giveaway and leave me a separate comment with your tweet link

Giveaway is INDIA-only and ends 07/17.

Congratulations to Raksha Kamat and Neetha!

Disclosure: The Mom Writes received DVD copies to provide a fair and honest review. No other compensation was received.


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  1. Hi,

    I would like to participate in this giveaway. My kid is 2 yrs 4 mnts old and will get to learn a lot if she wins these DVD. Her favorite toon character is Mickey Mouse. Following you on twitter and subscribed via email.
    Have twitted about the giveaway!/rujal29.


  2. We LOVE Pocoyo around here. It is great that the episodes are only 7 minutes, so perfect for when I just need 5 minutes to make a phone call or take care of something quickly, and don’t want to sit them down for a long time in front of the screen. Also, the simple pictures are much better for toddlers from a development standpoint that the very flashy and overstimulating images of many other kids shows. Plus, the characters are just so dog-gone cute. :-) Totally agree with you on this one.

  3. Hi Prerna,
    I’m excited to participate in this giveaway contest… This is for the first time in my life.
    My son just turned 3 last week. He just likes to watch Tom and Jerry. He is not that much into other cartoons. Tom cat keeps on changing his shapes and sizes quite often, I think that’s catching my son’s attention. I’ll definitely check pocoyo now.. Cute name!

  4. My oldest sons favorite cartoon characters is Lightening McQueen, my middle son really likes Elmo and my youngest son likes Barney! I love how you can let them watch only one or two epidsodes at a time! Elly the Elephant looks so cute, I love the design of the characters! My children have not had an opportunity to watch these dvds but I am sure they will love them!

  5. I now follow you on twitter.

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