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Something Old, Something New: A Round Up of Great Posts! {The Monthly Edition}

Every Sunday, The Mom Writes showcases some good, old reads from our archives as well as some new and seriously awesome reads from across the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

  Something Old…

{Good Reads From Our Archives}

This month, we’ve been doing a lot of talking about building your freelance writing business and about being frugal as well. Here are some reads to help you start writing online and do it easily.

4 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Brand-New Writing Business for Free: Simple but effective ways to spread the word about your writing business for free.

4 Tips to Rock Your Writing Career: Learn how cold emailing, socializing and other such simple things can make a difference to your online career as a freelance writer.

5 Potential Clients Who Need Your Business: Are you targeting these clients? They’re right there, in front of you.

 Something New…

{Good Reads from the Blogosphere}

Each month, I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me by other bloggers like Mandi, Jessica, Angela and others to share my articles, ideas and opinions on their sites. Here are my posts from across the blogosphere.

A No-Fuss Guide to Laundry Tools and Products { Life as Mom}: Find me talking about how I’ve put together a simple, easy-to-manage and practical kit for doing my laundry without a fuss.

How to be Productive When a Family Member is Unwell { Productivity…Your Way}: We’ve been going through our fair share of sickness since last year, so I’m sharing how I try to stay productive amid all of it.

Eco-Friendly Schools: How to Go Green at School { Blissfully Domestic}: Each month, I talk green and eco-friendly living at Blissfully Domestic and this month, I’m sharing tips on going green at school.

Travel with Baby: Simple Tips for Traveling with Babies Easily {Untrained Housewife}: If you’re considering going on a trip with baby in tow, check these tips out and share your own too.

 < p class="note">Have you read a great post this week? Written a post you’re really proud of? Leave a link when you comment below! I promise to visit, tweet and leave a comment!

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