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Moms in Business – An Interview with Rebecca Rabson, founder of Smart Seat Chair Protector

Every month, we showcase a mom-owned business and learn more about its founder. This month, I have the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Rabson of Smart Seat Chair Protector, a mom, a business-owner and someone I call a friend.

I’ve known Rebecca for a while now and have **seen** how hard she works to manage her home and build her business at the same  time. Smart Seat Chair Protector are a mom-invented solution and a cost-effective one too. See end of the post to see how you can WIN one of these!

Over to Rebecca..

What motivated or inspired you to create Smart Seat Chair Protector?

My boys! I have two very adorable, but incredibly messy boys. We purchased a new dining room set a couple of years ago and I wanted to be able to eat meals together as a family. But I also didn’t want my kids to ruin my new chairs. I looked for a waterproof seat cover that would discreetly protect my new chairs, but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I didn’t want a vinyl seat cover. I didn’t like the way that they look and my boys didn’t like the way that they feel when you sit on them. I also didn’t want a full slipcover – I loved my new chairs and didn’t want to entirely change the way that they look. The SmartSeat Chair Protector was my solution – an attractive, waterproof seat cover that is easy to use and comfortable to sit on.

Since Smart Seat is all about keeping dining chairs clean and stain-free, what tips do you have for making meal times fuss-free fun?

During the week, we’ve got afterschool activities and homework, so we are tight on time. To make things less stressful, we do lots of kid-friendly meals. Tacos, breakfast for dinner, hamburgers, homemade pizza — these are all foods that are easy to prepare and that the kids like. Plus, these meals are fuss-free because I can get food on the table quickly (they are growing, hungry boys!) and still give them the attention that they need at a crazy time of day.

On the weekends, when things are more relaxed and we have more time, we try to get more adventurous. I’m lucky that my boys are willing to try most things, at least once. Homemade sushi is a favorite. They also like artichokes dipped in butter! Relaxed Sunday evening meals are a great time to reconnect with my kids, find out how things are going, and have a little fun together.

What tips and tricks would you like to share with other mom-owned businesses?

Hmm, that’s a tough question because I feel like I am learning so much. I could still use advice from other mom business owners!

Note: Mompreneurs, do share some of your tricks of the trade with Becky!

What’s next on the plate for Smart Seat Chair Protectors?

I would love to begin selling to retail stores, such as Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Babies ‘R Us. I am looking into reducing our manufacturing costs so that we can do this. It would be very exciting to see my product in stores nationwide!

Buy It!

You can visit Smart Seat Chair Protector to buy covers for your chairs. Prices start $19.99. Or you can try and win it!

Win It!

One lucky The Mom Writes reader will win a Smart Seat Chair Protector to protect your dining room or easy chair from stains and spills. Available in 3 colors – Sandstone Tan, Midnight Navy Blue and Metro Black, these chair covers have adjustable straps, and fit chairs 18” to 25” wide securely and neatly.

Easy-to-wash, use and care for, these chair covers will make cleaning up toddler spills and messes at the dining table hassle-free for a busy mom.

To win, please share how you make mealtimes for your kids fun and fuss-free.

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  1. Hi Prerna,
    Thanks for telling us about this great mom/dad-friendly product. I agree that many times, a great product is invented by parents because they see a problem and follow through with their ideas of how to solve it.
    I’d love to win the chair protectors…more for my daughter and her family…she has a 2 1/2 year old son. :)
    I think it would be valuable for anyone with upholstered dining room chairs…we all spill things…not only little ones.
    When my children were young and I did daycare, I often had 6+ little ones at the table at any one time. If they had to wait while I prepared scrambled eggs or happy-face pancakes, they would find a sheet of paper and several crayons at their place. They all loved decorating their individual “placemat”…now, over 30 years later, many restaurants are providing paper and crayons to keep little diners occupied at the table.

  2. susanlanai says:

    We try and make it fun by creating foods that are fun to eat. We love creating new dishes together and our little one is always anxious to try something he’s helped cook.

  3. susanlanai says:

    I Like Smart Seat Chair Protector on Facebook.

  4. My boys have cute “Melissa and Doug” washable place mats with “write-erase markers.” They love it! I also did sticker charts for staying in their seats and not spilling on the floor when they were little!

    Heather V.

    dinos_still_exist (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. Following both on Twitter

    Heather V

    dinos_still_exist (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. “Liked” on FB!

    Heather V

    dinos_still_exist (at) yahoo (dot) com

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