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Free eBooks on Time Management and Productivity for Moms, Writers and Everyone Else

If you know me, you know that I love sharing the goodness of free resources that one finds in this wonderful space called the Internet. There are all sorts of goodies waiting to be discovered. Free eBooks are just one of those!

Which reminds me, have you checked out my FREE eBook – 100+ Simple Tips to Get Organized, Cut Clutter and Be More Productive ? If not, why not? **laughing** Go ahead and get it right now!

And now, here are some really amazing free eBooks on time management and productivity. An important, in fact, essential part of being a successful writer, happy mom and efficient home maker is to manage your time optimally. Is it easier said than done? You bet!

As someone who not only writes on productivity but also tries to live it for the better part of the day, I can vouch for how many times I’ve wondered, “Where did the day go?”

So, I look around me. I learn from those who have it all together. I read. For free. Yes, the blogosphere is filled with generous souls like Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, Thursday Bram of Thursday, Mark McGuiness of Wishful Thinking and Lateral Action and Nicole Dean of From Idea to Launch who’ve shared their best time management and productivity tips in neat, little eBooks and given them away for free.

Best part, no subscribing, signing up or anything, though I seriously recommend you subscribe to their blogs.

Time Management 101 by Crystal Paine with Amy Lynn Andrews

This super productivity eBook for moms and home makers is all of 66 pages long and a must-have for your eBook library. Crystal and Amy cover pretty much every topic under the sun and help you to make your “Time Budget” and do more as a blogger, homemaker and mother. Detailed and helpful, this is an eBook that you’ll want to print out, keep handy and probably, follow every word of.

Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuiness

The uber-talented and productive Mark McGuiness ran a successful series on time management and then, helpfully compiled it into a cool eBook. The 32-page eBook is different from quite a few productivity books and eBooks I’d read earlier, since it helped me take a close look at the “Sisyphus effect” of to-do lists, prioritizing, commitments and more as a freelance writer. If you are a creative professional, you need this. Trust me.

Time Management for Writers by Thursday Bram

Incredibly productive and positive writer, Thursday Bram is someone I learn a lot from. This eBook on time management is testament to the fact that not only is Thursday a talented writer but also an incredibly generous person. In fact, while you’re over at the site, download the other three free eBooks as well. Freelance writers should subscribe, bookmark and visit the site whenever they can. {end of gushing}

The short and sweet 15-page eBook has tips, strategies and tools designed to make you a productive writer by the time you finish reading it. From a time tracking spreadsheet ( I use one!) to identifying your time sinks to creating a Writing Project Checklist and more, the eBook will make you more effective at time management in next to no time!

Effective Yet Simple Strategies to Getting More Done When Working From Home by Nicole Dean

Are you a work-at-home mom? Finding it difficult to keep pace with all that needs to be done? Great. Head over to From Idea to Launch and download Nicole’s free ebook on productivity for work at home moms. The 18-page eBook will simplify your work-at-home time so that you can actually do more in less. Really, the simplicity and practicality of the eBook is astounding.

Although I’ve been using quite a few of the strategies outlined in all the eBooks (ahem, I write on time management), there is no doubt about the fact, that there is a goldmine of information that if applied will free up your calendar, get more done and leave you feeling calmer rather than stressed and exhausted. I hope you download these lovely freebies to help you be more productive and let me know what you think of them!

Have you read a great free eBook on time management or productivity? Do share!

Photo Credit: Leland Francisco


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