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Something Old, Something New: A Round Up of Great Posts!

Every Sunday, The Mom Writes highlights some good, old reads from our archives as well as some new and seriously awesome reads from across the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

  Something Old…

{Good Reads From Our Archives}

  How to Have an Organized Mommy Handbag: Since we talked about organizers and moms, I thought I’d share how I keep my handbag organized with mom and baby stuff.  

 Starting a Detox Program for the Body, Mind and Soul: Simple steps to get rid of negativity, stress and excess weight.

 How to Find Ideas for Articles: Facing writer’s block? Here are some simple ways to find inspiration and get writing…easily!

 Something New…

{Good Reads from the Blogosphere}
 Craft Supplies to Keep on Hand for Kids’ Art {Life as Mom} Jessica aka FishMama helps you to put together a complete crafts’ kit all ready to pull out at a moment’s notice! Plus, she’s been super generous and given you a printable checklist as well! Doesn’t she just rock?!

  Install Google Analytics in 4 Easy Steps {The Mogul Mom} Guest author, Naomi Niles of ShiftFWD, teaches you how to install Google Analytics for your blog so that you can start tracking traffic easily.

 Clean Your Shower or Bathtub Simply {Keeper of the Home} Sherrie Cook, contributing writer at KOTH, helps you keep your shower clean and germ-free without any fuss or muss. A must-read if you want to save time and still have a clean bathroom!

 A Simple Guide to Creating a Mission Statement for Your Life{ Britetalk} Andrea DeBell, a The Mom Writes regular and one of my favorite bloggers,  talks about how to put together a powerful yet practical mission statement for your life. Also, while you’re there, do check out Britetalk’s Radio show as well!

  Does Dieting Make You Angry and Stressed? {dietblog} Since I’ve been losing weight, I’ve been somewhat crabby. Not angry or stressed, just crabby. Melanie’s post helped me understand the probable reasons for the crabbiness!


 Have you read anything good lately? Written a post you’re really proud of. Leave a link when you comment below! I promise to visit, tweet and leave a comment!

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  1. Hi Prerna,
    Sorry it took me a while to come over but I was taking a digital break for a few weeks. I truly appreciate your kind mention. Great selection! I can always count to come to your blog for wonderful resources. I’m intrigued by the “organized mommy handbag”. I can’t even keep my purse organized. :)
    Thanks for consistent inspiration. Many loving blessings!

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