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How to Eat Healthy in a Busy, Time-Starved World

Healthy Eating..Simplified

A rushed morning, drinking coffee instead of eating breakfast. A lunch that’s either a sandwich or whatever else can be eaten on-the-go. Snacking through the day on energy bars or candy and drinking plenty of sugary soda. Dinner is heavy and calorie-laden. After all, you’ve been starving through the day. Is this you?

  Don’t worry. It’s probably the scene for most of us. As busy moms and homemakers, it is easy to reach for that candy bar than it is to fix ourselves a salad. But we can change that. Easily. March is National Nutrition Month, according to the American Dietetic Association and the theme for this year is “Eat Right with Color”. How wonderful! Kicking off our brand-new series, this post will help you to eat right and healthy, despite a schedule that may be packed and crazy busy. 

 1.  Shop Smart to Eat Healthy

 Do you know where we make the biggest mistakes when it comes to our diet? At the supermarket. Shopping smart means loading the cart with plenty of fresh produce, meats, grains and pulses. Say “No” to processed, sugary foods at the supermarket and you’ll automatically find yourself eating healthier at home.

 2. Have a Colorful Meal

 According to the ADA, eating a colorful meal is a great way to eat healthy. Some colors for your palate and your plate are greens (spinach, beans, broccoli), yellows (peppers, sweet potatoes, pears) and reds( tomatoes, carrots, beets). Basically, make fruits and vegetables a part of every meal.

3. Control Portion Sizes with Smaller Plates

 If weight loss is one of your goals, like me, please buy yourself some small-sized plates and use them. And yes, small plates don’t mean more seconds. I’ve made it easier for myself by buying toddler-sized plates for my daughter and myself. She’s thrilled we eat in the same type of plates and I control portion sizes easily. I must mention that I don’t eat three small meals, I eat five. I need to keep up blood sugar levels up.

 4. Make Healthy Eating Fun and Easy

 Healthy eating can be easy when you make it fun. Some simple ways to do that are:

  • Look for healthy recipes that are quick and easy, print them out or bookmark them and most importantly, try them out!  Check out Cooking Light and Epicurious, two of my latest favorites for healthy recipes.
  • Eat at the table and eat mindfully. You’ll savor your meal more.
  • Experiment with cuisines. You’d be surprised at the variety of tastes and flavors that different cuisines offer.
  • Pack your lunch the night before. Eating out usually means eating unhealthy. You’ll also save yourself some lunch money this way.
  • Menu plan for the week. This will make cooking from scratch much easier and ensure that you get enough variety.


How do you manage to eat healthy in a busy world?

 This post is sponsored by our generous sponsors Eat Smart Products. Check out their site for some amazing kitchen and bathroom scales, all designed to keep you healthy.

 Disclaimer: While this post may be sponsored, my ideas and opinions are not.  ***smiling***

 Photo Credit:Elena Lagaria


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  1. You’re right about eating right. And a little planning can really go a long way. Some time last year I began making menus for the week (with dessert :-) included) and was amazed at how much stress I could get rid of. I also began to shop wisely – fresh stuff – because I am a big fan of salads (and it saved a lot of cooking time!!). My husband and son carried their lunch (we’ve got a time table for the week), so I have breakfast and lunch on my own. Eating healthy is difficult at first, especially for me, because I am crazy about coffee. But the habit grows, thankfully….and am glad to say it feels great.

  2. Having healthy options ready to eat in my fridge is a big help for me! Thanks for the site suggestions. I’m going to check them out. Have a beautiful weekend :)

  3. Hii Prerna,
    This new series on Healthy eating is really nice…we often know what we are supposed to do and what we should be doing but we are too lazy to do them….your posts that will arrive on Fridays will be a constant reminder (encouragement) for me to make a healthy choice and to move towards my weight loss goal :)
    Thank you once again….

  4. I just posted an article on my blog about this very same topic. My lifestyle change with exercise and healthier eating has paid a lot of dividends.

  5. Thank you for this post, you just saved me time! This provides meaningful, simple, and applicable tips for any busy person. The small plates idea is a great one, sometimes a small meal can look lonely on a big plate!

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