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How to Choose the Best Mom Organizer or Planner for Your Family’s Needs

Get the Perfect Mom Organizer

An organizer or planner can be a godsend for busy moms. If, like me, you work from home you’ll appreciate the order and productivity that using a planner can bring to your day. However, as I soon realized, just any planner ain’t good enough when you have a home, a job and a family to take care of – you need an organizer that caters specifically to moms.

Here are a few things to look at when you’re buying an organizer to make your life simpler and saner.

 Your Organizing Personality

 First and foremost, consider your own personality while looking for an organizer for moms. Are you a tech geek? Or do you prefer traditional paper and pen? Or maybe, you’d like a combination of both? Maybe you use a home management binder for the house and want an organizer just to note down work-related details?  

You may, also, want to think about how organized are you in daily life. Do you like to micromanage or is some semblance of a routine good enough for you and your family? The planner or organizer you choose should fit your personality well since only then would you enjoy using it and derive maximum mileage from it.

  Your Job and Responsibilities

 Make a list of everything you need to do in a day. Do you work from home or out of home? Do you home school? Are you a volunteer at several places?  Your organizer should have the ability to accommodate your work and personal life needs and demands. It should have the option of extra pages or sections that you can add in, if need be.  If you have to keep separate organizers for different purposes, chances are you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed pretty soon.

 Ease of Use and Portability

 Most importantly, your chosen organizer should be easy-to-use. Complicated planners may look very jazzy but when you’ll have to use it on a day-to-day basis, the jazz would be lost. Another thing that is important for me is that my organizer should be portable. Easy to slip into my handbag and carry around so that I can refer to it when planning a play date or taking an appointment for my husband’s physiotherapy.

 Do you use a mom organizer or planner? What do you look for when choosing one?

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  1. I have been using my Franklin Planner since 1996, when my first child was born. I love the month at a glance to write where I need to BE, and the daily pages for what I need to DO. Now that my kids are older, and I’m working, I also love the time table on the right side of the daily page. I even use the day counter (ie. 71st day of the year) to help me keep track of my daily tips on Twitter! As my life has changed, I find little parts of the planner that I can use to help me keep up. I guess I chose it because this is what I used in my corporate job in the 90’s then I adapted it to my Mommy life.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Debbie, thank you so much for sharing this. I haven’t had a chance to check the Franklin planner but now I will:)

  2. Hi Prerna,
    I have been looking for an organizer…and you bring up some very good points…I am a paper and pencil person…although of course, these days, we need to have some tech skill as well. I need something that I can carry around…log in school presentations, doc appts, trips, etc…but not too small so I can’t read what I’ve written. :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Vivian, thanks so much for sharing! Great point about the organizer being small but not too small!

  3. Another Franklin planner fan here. I use one of the plainer refills now that I’m not at work; the Perspectives Weekly in Classic size. It’s pretty to look at, gives me a small space at the top for playdates and other appointments and loads of space underneath for notes, lists and for planning my blog posts! :D

  4. Man, it’s like you read my mind and then post! I love, love, love planners and I’ve had different incarnations of them throughout my life since I was in high school. Last summer, I found my ANCIENT Palm Pilot! I actually started using it again after four years of just sitting in a box of my stuff. My husband and sister constantly teased me about my little piece of very outdated technology (my husband called it the equivalent of using a “Walkman” instead of an Ipod!), but I still used it for a couple months before I started missing my pen-and-paper planner. I replaced it with my most recent one- a green Franklin Covey 365 that I bought last year from Target (aaah, Target!). I never leave home without it. In fact, I have a post scheduled for Friday about it :)

  5. I use a mom planner by peter pauper press.

    It has a monthly calendar, then pages that list three daytime sections (morning, afternoon, evening) and columns for up to 4 other people. It works since I keep a schedule for myself, hubby, grown stepson, two kids and the baby sitter.

    Nothing else works quite like it, for me. I would like to try the mom agendas as well from the company of the same name, and if those work better.

    The Franklin planner for mom’s doesn’t work as well for me, as it doesn’t give the same space for scheduling for all family members.

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