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Fitness for Mom: Five Exercise Programs for Moms

Continuing with our series on getting healthier and fitter, I thought of sharing some great health and fitness programs for moms. After all, a healthy mom does make a healthy family. These exercise programs for women, are all especially targeted for mothers, since post-baby is when we usually need to lose the most weight. Ahem,ahem!

 Here are some of the coolest exercise programs for a mother that are high on fun and effectiveness and low on stress and fuss. Just what a busy mom needs.

 Stroller Strides: Fun Fitness for Moms

 I had the opportunity to review the Stroller Strides DVD and interview Lisa Druxman as well last year when I was doing a series of articles on Untrained Housewife. Lisa is a mom of  two, and her exercise programs and fitness classes for moms totally rock! While I couldn’t attend a class, being in India and all that, I did get her latest Mama Wants Her Body Back DVDs and for the review did the workouts as well. It was great fun while it lasted.

 Needless to say, post the review, DVDs went back into the cabinet and gathered dust till this month when I dug them out again and have started with the exercises as well. The workouts are intensive yet gentle and while you may be a little sore all over for the first few days (yes, I know that!), you will build stamina and feel not only fitter but also, more positive about the whole losing weight project. Check out the Stroller Strides website to find a class near you or a program  that fits your needs.

 Mamavation: An Online Weight Loss Support Group for Moms

  So, I’ve been following Leah Segedie aka @bookieboo, the founder of Mamavation™ on Twitter forever and see the #mamavation hashtag so often that when I was looking around for online support groups, this one popped up in my head almost instantly. Mamavation™ is an online weight loss bootcamp and a healthy living support group. While the bootcamp or Mamavation Programs are open for moms in the U.S, the healthy living support group or Virtual Sorority™ is open for anyone who wishes to pledge to living a healthier life for themselves and their families. Please check out Mamavation™ if you’re an active Twitter user or blogger and would love some warm online support as you work you way to good health and fitness.

 FitMom: Exercise Classes for Moms

 Canada-based FitMom™ offers moms-to-be and moms exercise classes that promise to keep them high on health and low on sluggishness and stress. Founded by Andrea Page in 1999, these classes are also, available as DVDs and books for moms who don’t have a fitness center for moms close to their home. The FitMom ™ programs range from Fitmom Bootcamp to FitMom+BabyYoga and lots more. Check out their website to find something suitable for your needs.
 Disclaimer: I haven’t seen or tried FitMom ™  programs and can’t vouch for them.

 BeFit-Mom: Fitness Made Easy for Mothers

 Founded by Helene Byrne, BeFit-Mom ™ differs from the others in the sense that it offers moms wanting to get healthier the options of a book and a DVD and not a class or an online support group.  The DVDs have workouts designed for new moms to regain their pre-baby shape, lose weight, boost energy and stamina besides improving their overall body image. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen or tried BeFit-Mom™ programs and can’t vouch for them. I just think they’re useful for moms for whom going to a class may not be possible.

  DIY Mom and Baby Fitness

 This one is my favorite. ***laughing*** Here are a few DIY stay-fit suggestions for moms:

  •  Take baby (or toddler) for a brisk stroller walk around the block at least once a day.
  • Take the stairs or do step exercises, if you don’t have a flight of stairs to climb.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Sleep well and enough.
  • Sneak in exercise wherever you can.
  • Make your own mommy-baby exercise group with other moms in the neighborhood. Maybe you all could do a walk in the evening together with your babies in the stroller and swap healthy recipes and share weight loss milestones. Great support, zero cost.


What are your favorite fitness programs for moms? Online? Offline? Do share!

 This post is sponsored by our generous sponsors Eat Smart Products. Check out their site for some amazing kitchen and bathroom scales, all designed to keep you healthy.

Disclaimer: While this post may be sponsored, my ideas and opinions are not. :-)
Photo Credit: Payton Chung


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  1. Hi Prerna,
    Great post with lots of good programs and ideas…I keep saying “just move” for 30 minutes a day…but it does help to have an organized routine. Having a DVD to follow helps also. Or just put on some music you love and DANCE!!! :)
    It really is important to try to get rid of that extra weight our precious babies often leave us with…the longer you keep it, the harder it is to lose it. :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Vivian,
      Love the dance idea.. I often do this with my toddler. She has a ball, literally!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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