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Simple Daily and Weekly Routines for an Organized Home

Cut Clutter...Now


Continuing with more simple hacks to get organized and stay that way, this year, let’s focus on creating some simple routines to follow during the day and week. Nothing fancy, just simple things to do every day or once a week to ensure that your home stays clean, tidy and organized while you free up time to do what you want to do.

Kick off an Organized Day

You’ll be amazed at the amount of time you’ll free up by simply doing these teeny, tiny tasks everyday. Let’s go room-by-room


  • Wipe countertops clean once you’re through.
  • Put back food items – cereals, sugar, coffee, spices, flour, rice and so on back where they belong, once you’re done using them.
  • Clean the hob.
  • Rinse dirty dishes and put in the dishwasher or stack neatly in the sink.
  • Replace dirty kitchen dusters and dishcloths with fresh ones.


  • Make your bed. Easiest if you do it as soon as you or your toddler wakes up. We co-sleep, so I make the bed with my toddler’s help ***smiling***, once we’ve finished our morning cuddle session.
  • Put soiled or dirty clothes straight into the laundry basket instead of tossing them onto a chair or the floor.
  • Keep your nightstand as free of clutter as possible. An alarm clock, a book and a lamp is all that mine has.
  • Organize the items on your dressing table, corralling smaller ones into bowls and jars.

Dining and Living Rooms

  • Remove plates and dishes from the table as soon as you finish eating.
  • Wipe table clean.
  • Remove any empty cups, books, papers from the table when you see them.
  • Organize and arrange magazines neatly.
  • Clear up the coffee table of clutter – paperwork, files, books and other stuff that doesn’t really belong there.
  • Cleaning as you go works best to keep these two areas tidy.
  • Put away toys and other kiddie items that may be strewn around as part of your evening routine.


  • Wipe floor dry after a bath, always.
  • Replace smelly or damp towels (especially after a shower) with fresh, clean ones. Ahh.. the joy of a fresh, clean-smelling towel!
  • Wipe clean mirror and sink end of day.

Most of these tasks can be done as you move around the house from one room to the other. In fact, once you get into the habit, you wouldn’t even realize that you’re actually cleaning and organizing.

Weekly Organizing Routines

While these weekly organizing tasks are slightly more intensive than your daily ones, if you’ve been doing your daily organizing and cleaning, you’ll be able to wrap the former up in a jiffy. Let’s go room-by-room, here as well.


  • Go through your pantry inventory.
  • Organize your spice rack and food jars. Add any new labels or remove old ones.
  • Replenish items that have finished or are about to get over.
  • Wash soiled kitchen dusters and dishcloths. Dry and fold them neatly, before storing them. I store mine in two separate cloth bags hung on nails.
  • I’ve already shared my detailed cleaning schedule for the kitchen in an earlier post.


  • Organize your dressing table drawer, especially if, like mine, it holds your combs, hair accessories, earrings, and daily makeup essentials.
  • Change sheets. Air out comforters and rugs.
  • Wipe clean windows and doors.
  • If you have a bookshelf or DVD cabinet in the bedroom, organize it once a week. It’ll look neater and make tracking down a much-loved book easy and quick.

Dining Room and Living Room

  • Change linen – table, cushions, slipcovers or futon cover.
  • Organize your china cabinet, if you have one in the dining room.
  • Also, a good time to organize your music and video collection. Sort through and put back CDs and DVDs in their proper covers. Mine always get mismatched, thanks to an enthusiastic toddler who wants to “put back in cover.” ***laughing*** However, I must add that in our small apartment, our DVDs are stored in a shelf in a bedroom cupboard while the TV cabinet actually houses our toddler’s collection of books, because it is easy for her to access it.
  • Organize items on the top of the refrigerator and in mail holders. I have a few kitschy baskets that hold my husband’s meds, our wallets, cellphones and a few essentials, such as a torch, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a bowl of change. Remove items that are no longer needed, such as prescription medicines, or that don’t belong there, such as a nail cutter. ***smiling***


  • Clean and organize medicine cabinet and/or toiletry racks.
  • Wash bath mat, shower curtains and wipe clean shower cubicle or bathtub.
  • Replenish supplies of liquid soap, shampoo, and other bathing essentials.

There you are. Simple, easy-to-do, and doable. You’ll be surprised at how quick most of these tasks are and how effective at cutting clutter and keeping things organized around the house. Try it for a week to see the difference.

What do you do on a daily and weekly basis to keep an organized home?  Would love to learn more and do more!

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Photo Credit: Evelyn Giggles


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