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Organized Home, Organized You: A Brand New Series from The Mom Writes

What better way to kick off the year than by getting your home and yourself in order. Organized Home, Organized You is a brand-new series of posts coupled with a Free eBook at the end of the month to help you get all sorted out for the year.

Simple, practical, easy-to-do and economical tips and ideas to inspire and encourage you to join me in decluttering, organizing and creating a home that is organized without going overboard. Here’s a brief look at what I’ll be sharing:

 Organizing with What You Have

Organize the Pantry and Save Some Money

Complete Guide to Organizing the Kitchen

How a Home Management Notebook Can Create Peace and Productivity (guest post on Life as Mom)

30 Simple Organizing Must-Dos  

How to Declutter and Organize Just About Anything ( a previous post from a Featured Series on Decluttering)

Simple Daily and Weekly Organizing Routines

 How to Have an Organized Morning and Evening Routine

4 Must-Read Books on Organizing and Home Management ( an article on Hubpages)

Cut Clutter with Kids

Free Home Management and Productivity Tools …. And lots more!

Do bookmark this, since I will be updating the post with links as we move through the month.

 The eBook at the end of the month will have over 100+ tips to help you declutter, get organized and stay productive all through the year.  Best part, it’ll be FREE! Simply because I truly want to help you be your most productive, clutter-free, organized self this year and always. ***smiling***

 So, hop on and join me as we get organized, cut clutter and create a home that is warm, welcoming and with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Updated: Download your Free Copy of 100+ Simple Tips to Get Organized, Cut Clutter and Be More Productive

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  1. hi perna! so glad to “meet” you! i’m very interested in your blog too! that’s ultimately why i’m blogging… i love to write! it’s been a great outlet for me. i’ve subscribed to your blog and i’m looking forward to getting to know you better!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Stacey! Thanks for your kind words and for subscribing.. I look forward to sharing and learning with you as well. Warmly, Prerna

  2. I will read this eagerly, as I used to be a declutter addict and have fallen off the wagon somewhat in the past years.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi @HearMumRoar, thanks for visiting.. I do hope you like the series and the eBook that’ll follow at the end.. Look forward to having you join me as I declutter and downgrade:-)

  3. This is great and I can’t wait! Thanks, Prerna:)

  4. Prerna – this series looks like its being written especially for me! Just this morning, I was breaking my head over how to re-organize my home and workspace (my workspace is also at home :-)). I know there are lots of resources out there – but only a few come into my mailbox! Am really looking forward to read these posts and take action. I might even get inspired and contribute, if you like! *wink!*

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Vidya! Glad to know you’ll find the series helpful.. I’d love to hear your own tips for getting organized, so do share them!

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