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How to Cut Clutter with Kids…Permanently!

We’ve all had “mom-moments” where we’ve wished that a genie would appear and clear away toddler messes, organize chaos in Toyland and give us a magic formula for keeping a tidy home with tiny tots underfoot. I know I’ve had plenty with just the one toddler.

I’ve posted earlier about decluttering kiddie rooms and organizing with a toddler, but what if you wanted something more, a more permanent solution to cutting the clutter and enjoying a more peaceful playtime with your little one?

Is it possible? Can it be done? In one word, yes.

How? Simple.

 Buy Less. Give More.

As parents, especially for toddlers and under, we are the main decision-makers when it comes to toys and kids-related purchases. So, let’s make life simpler and not succumb to the oh-so-cute teddies and dolls that decorate aisles upon aisles in a toy store. If you have to buy, let it be something that your child will actually use, enjoy and if possible, learn from. Please let it not be yet another plush toy, car, or plaything that she already has. And if it is, either through a gift or through your own desire to cuddle that cute little bunny rabbit, give one away. Yes, reach into that toy box and take out one toy to give away to a child in need or like Rachel at Small Notebook, create a perpetual giveaway box and put it into that. You can do this with books, crayons, clothes. Just about anything.

You’ll be happier. Your toddler will be more entertained. And your home will have less clutter to deal with. Try it.

How do you keep a rein on what your toddler owns? Do toys threaten to take over your home? How do you cope with kiddie clutter? Check out my FREE eBook on organizing to help you get started!

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Next in the Series: A Free eBook on Getting Organized!


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  1. You’re a wise woman, Prerna. The “one in, one out” rule works with kid stuff just like it does in other areas. And I’ve never understood parents who think they have to buy something because the kid says so. What? Who is supposed to be in charge? Even at a very early age, I gave my kids opportunities to earn money and had them save for things they wanted. It’s amazing how little minds change by the time they have cash in hand. The funny thing is that when they’re older, they might try to get mom to buy something but won’t waste their own money on whatever they’re promoting as the latest must-have:)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thank you, Crystal.. I think it is awesome that you encouraged your kids to be independent and self-sufficent from early on. That is what I endeavor to do with my toddler as well. Thank you once again, for sharing.

  2. Great Idea! I love your one in one out philosophy!!

  3. Hii Prerna,
    I have to get “Buy Less” factor into my head…and when it come to my son I have somehow managed to make a play zone for my son (11 months now) and curbed my toy buying instinct…I have included a topic related to this in my blog…..and I have taken the liberty link all your articles related to clutter and kids with this.
    Thank you for keeping this working mom inspired and organized.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Ranjeetha.. I think its great that you’ve created a playzone for your little one.. That’ll help you keep his toys from taking over the house:-) Thanks so much for the link love.. Deeply appreciate it.

  4. I allow my kids to have one bin for “little stuff” in their bedrooms. When the bin gets full, we clear it out. There is also one of these bins in the playroom. We like to grab these toys for car trips. For collections, like my son’s mini football helmets, we made a custom shelf and mounted it on the wall.

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