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Booking it with Life as Mom: My List of 11 Great Books to Read in 2011

One of my New Year goals for this year is to read. I mean, besides the bedtime books I read to my toddler, I want to spend time introspecting, improving and innovating. Books, I feel, are a great way to do that. So, I was excited to jump in and be a part of Jessica Fisher aka FishMama’s online reading club at Life As Mom. Titled Booking It, the club has a wonderful list of books, chosen by Jessica,  that we’ll be reading each month.

 You can either pick from that or choose your own. Flexible and fun. If you want to join in the fun, do check out the details.

 Today, we’re sharing our reading plans and then, February onwards, we’ll be discussing them on the 10th and 11th.

 So, here’s my list, partly from Jessica’s list of books and partly my own.

  1. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin: a book I’ve been wanting to read since 2010 so, am happy its first on the list
  2. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen: I adore Austen, regardless of what others have to say about her.
  3. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. : I just have to master the art of bread-making this year, along with learning to sew.  
  4. The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh: An old favorite that I must revisit and reread.
  5. Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living by Tsh Oxenreider aka Simple Mom: As much as I’d love to read this one, I’ll have to check out the bookstores here to see if its arrived.
  6. The Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum: I’m a diehard Nigella Lawson fan but I just had to pick this one up. The pictures are just too tempting!
  7. The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency as a Commercial Freelancer in Six Months or Less by Peter Bowerman: The Lord knows I need this***laughing***
  8. Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids by Christina Katz: Ditto!
  9. The Reluctant Entertainer: Every Woman’s Guide to Simple and Gracious Hospitality  by Sandy Coughlin
  10. Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp: Again, depends upon whether I can find the book in Indian bookstores. If not, I’ll substitute it with another sewing book for beginners since I really want to learn sewing this year!
  11. Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy by Jonni McCoy

 Am really, thoroughly excited about all these books and I plan on spending 30 to 45 minutes each night as part of my evening routine to read these in peace and reflect upon them as well.

 If reading a book each month is on your list of goals for 2011, hop on over to Life As Mom and start Booking It with the rest of us! See you there!

Do share what you plan on reading this year? I’d love to add a few more to this list!

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  1. Sounds like a great list – and you’ve given me some ideas for the future as well. Thanks for sharing! Happy reading…

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Beth, glad you liked the list.. Look forward to sharing my experiences with each through the year:-)

  2. You’ve got a great list, although I haven’t read any of your books except Mansfield Park which I look forward to reading again.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Nikki! I know, most of these are new for me as well, except Mansfield Park and Miracle of Mindfulness.. So, am excited about learning new things as well!

  3. Great list! I’d love to read Miserly Moms someday. And good idea to set a time to read each night! I’m trying to schedule a “reading time” each day since, at the moment, my days are varying a quite a bit. I’m so glad we are all encouraging each other to read in this challenge. I love it!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks, Sandra. I agree, a reading club does make us more accountable and is also, more fun than just reading alone:-)

  4. So glad you’re coming along for the ride! :)