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Budget Decorating: How to Decorate the Home for the Holidays with What You Have

This year, am determined not to spend on more Christmas decorations. We’ll be getting a new tree. Ours is old and quite raggedy from all the moving we’ve had to do. But that’s it. Other than that, am aiming to decorate with what we already have. Here are some of my ideas as well as some that I’ve learnt from others from around the blogosphere.

 Kitchen Kitsch as Table Décor

 I’m going to use individual cupcake tins as votive candle holders and place them on the table. I have some cute-shaped cups and glasses that will hold flowers and greens not only on the dining table but also, on side-tables and other areas that need brightening up. Glass jars (you know I completely adore them) on my kitchen counter will hold colorful candy, cinnamon sticks, and bunches of fresh coriander and basil.

 Decorating with Food

 I’ve got some great ideas on decorating with what you have from Rachel at Small Notebook. Food is a great way to make the home look warm and welcoming and not spend a bomb. Some of her ideas that I’ll definitely be using are coffee beans in a bowl or a jar, nuts in a bowl (these are going to double up as snacks for my dinner party too!) popcorn strings and candy canes. Her post as well as the comments following it have some great food-based holiday decoration ideas. Besides the foodie, kitchen counter decorations above, I’ll be using a jar filled with fudge, tray of cupcakes and a platter of snow-flecked brownies on the coffee and dinner tables.

 Paper and Fabric Decorations

 I have a stash of bits of colorful craft paper and fabric lying around. In addition, I have some swaddling sheets that my toddler has obviously outgrown. I’m planning to make paper chains, stockings and Christmas trees with my daughter this year. The sheets will turn into the skirt for the tree, especially since they’re lovely red flannel. Since I’m not a craft natural, I’m subscribed to’s Family Crafts. Sherri Osborn has some simple yet awesome craft projects for toddlers and kids of all ages. Check out her Christmas crafts for preschoolers for some cool ideas.

 There you are. Easy-peasy, fun and practically free ways to make the house look Christmassy and festive.

How do you decorate with what you have? What are your fave frugal Christmas decorating tips and ideas? Spread the holiday cheer and do share!!

Photo Credit: Athena Flickr


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