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Simple Planning for Productive Holidays

This week, I’m over at Productivity Your Way and since the theme of the month at The Mom Writes is all about getting organized for the holidays, I’m carrying it forward by talking about how to make a Holiday Planning Notebook, quite similar to a Home Management Notebook. A holiday planning notebook, as fancy as that may sound, is actually a simple binder with worksheets to help you stay on track with the cleaning, cooking, menu planning, shopping and decorating that the holidays involve. You can either make your own worksheets to sit your family and needs or you can print them off online. Having a planner at hand helps to identify tasks that will need immediate attention, delegation or elimination! ***laughing*** After all, staying happy and peaceful is the essence of this festive time.

 Having a holiday planner handy is an easy and effective way of reducing holiday stress, getting organized and enjoying the holidays without feeling rushed, hassled and totally exhausted at the end of it. Best part is, once you have it ready and in order, you can reuse it every year by just adding or removing a few pages.

Mandi has a great Christmas planning ebook along with really useful printables available FREE on the site that can help you get started with your own holiday planning.

So, head on over to Productivity Your Way to read the rest. And please do share your own holiday planning tips and tricks with the rest of us!

Photo Credit: Ceressa Bateman


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  1. Hi Prerna! Having everything organized in a binder seems like a great idea. This holiday I’m gonna try to go with the flow and do less. I’m minimizing my tasks to reduce stress. I’m almost done with all my shopping and that’s a huge step. I’ll go check out your other post.
    Thanks for the tips. Loving blessings!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Andrea! Am focusing on doing less and enjoying the real meaning of the season more. So, there is more of family time, less of stressing over the perfect tree:-) Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh, I like the idea of having a holiday notebook similar to a home management one- what a great way to try to maintain a certain level of sanity over the holidays! I love Mandi’s site, thanks for sharing!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Ashley! Glad you like the holiday notebook idea. Does keep everything in order without me losing my mind:-)

  3. Its very important to plan. It helps increase focus and minimizes waste.


    Blessing Oshin
    Working Mom Journal

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Blessing, thanks for visiting. Am glad you liked the post.. Planning does help make living frugally easy and possible.

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